G Cruise Review

G Cruise Review

G Cruise is an online dating site exclusively for gay males. You can either choose to meet other gay singles or a gay couple. I’ll say straightaway that one thing this site has going for it is its relative popularity. On the one hand, gay men may choose the online dating route more often than other people do. On the other hand, that means it’s a very competitive market. They have a lot of choices, so it’s significant that many of them opt to visit this site.

Now, there’s no guarantee that all visitors to are actually sticking around once they’ve checked out a few profiles. After all, you can set up a free profile in no time flat, because it doesn’t require you to give a lot of info. I’m sure that some folks simply sign up so they can have a poke around some of the sexier pics posted by other guys. All the same, from a cursory search or two, I found some complete enough members’ descriptions to think that some men were serious about meeting someone.

“Whichever membership you buy you’ll get access to all the photos and vids posted by other members.”

As is often the case, some rather explicit photos are posted and despite the sexy images, some fellows are looking for a relationship on GCruise. Reasons for meeting someone of a platonic, romantic or adult nature are part of the free search criteria. There’s an age range to choose and whether your match is single or not. You can further filter for folks with photos, videos and/or webcams. There is no local search option for the basic search engine.

Take heart, because there’s still a way around that issue. You can browse for profiles near your location, so it’s easy to find men in your neck of the woods. If you upgrade, you will of course have many more options and you can do local searches based on US zip codes or select cities in other countries. You will also be able to reply or send emails, instant messages and use text and video chat rooms. You also get some free porn if you pay for the more expensive of two membership options.

Whichever membership you buy you’ll get access to all the photos and vids posted by other members. If you want to see the handsomest dudes with the hottest bods, you can always browse the “hottest” profiles. You see, members have the chance to rate other members’ attractiveness. If you’re a paid member it appears that you can turn off the feature that allows others to comment on your profile. Overall, G Cruise is very popular, but to fully enjoy it, you need to buy a premium membership.

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