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Date.Com provides the venue for singles to hook up and meet their match. Unlike other dating sites online, Date.Com encourages these single individuals to go out of their shells and meet a wide variety of people to broaden their social prospects in the hope of finding the one for him or her.

Thousands of single individuals have flocked to the site to look for either casual relationships or great friendships and more serious commitments. The site upholds that whether one’s story ends in a happily-ever-after-like tale or not, it will all begin in a date.

Date.Com prides itself with members who are professional and friendly. The paid gold membership of makes manifest its credibility. People who have registered and joined the site and paid for it cannot just invest and fool around. They mean business. They put a premium to what they pay for. Furthermore, believes that the minimal cost is worth it if it means finding the chance to find a more valuable treasure which comes in long and lasting relationships.

The discussion below is provided to furnish more details regarding the online dating site,, which upholds that relationships are not ready-made but a work in progress.

REGIONS has listing of date information which is available in the United States and Canada.

RELATIONSHIP caters to single individuals of all ages who consider casual relationships, chat mates to marriage and long-term relationships.


The following site features are accessible for all members:

• Singles Chat Room which is accessible 24 hours a day with a community of friendly singles hanging out
• Instant Messaging with Voice and Video Greetings to meet someone
• Email to write a little about yourself and take the first step towards finding a new relationship
• narrowing search matches through handy Keyword Search by simply typing in and finding out who else shares your passion
• Relationship Advice through Date Info Webzine & Weekly Newsletter wherein each week expert advice about dating and relationships, entertainment and health are featured. You can also be assisted in creating a great profile. You will also be given the chance to interact with the site’s dating advisors and learn the psychology of online dating.
• provides a toolbar which can be downloaded for free. This toolbar enables members to stay connected with millions of other singles through simplified keys and attributes like:

1. Instant Alerts – Know the moment you get interests, emails or IMs.
2. Always be Online – Appear on top of the Who’s Online Search.
3. Favorites – Get notified as soon as your Favorites come online.
4. Date.Info – Get the latest new and love advice!
5. Easy navigation – built into your browser.
6. Search the Web – Yahoo search built in.

MEMBERSHIP works simply. Interested single individuals may go through the following:

• Create your Free profile – filling out some basic information about oneself, uploading photo and writing a captivating headline and essay. Through this, other members can email you.
• Search the site – search database for millions of singles. The Search may be done by location, age, interests and a hundred other personal preferences. You can show interest in another member by just clicking a button. This is free of charge.
• Connect when you are ready – after deciding that you want to take it a level higher and engage in a more personal contact, you can upgrade to a Gold Membership. Gold Membership fees can vary according to the features opted for. However, it can start as low as 25 cents a day.

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