AFF Review Review was always slick and streamlined, but its main page has been simplified. For example, the “featured members” aren’t necessarily tailored to your local area. All the same, you’ll still see right away how many new members there are. There’s still a direct link to view new profiles near you. Details of waiting messages, your profile status and the number of members online are clearly displayed. All this specialized info is right at your fingertips. Somehow, though, you won’t feel overwhelmed by informational overload.

You can search Date profiles using the quick link on the homepage. Better yet, take advantage of free advanced search options. You can even do keyword searches. You can also browse by people who have a birthday that day. Check out who is online. See who is available for instant messaging. You also have full access to complete profiles, including photo albums and last login info, right away. You can flirt for free until you upgrade, but contact by email or instant messaging requires a paid membership. The chat rooms are also limited to premium members.

“You also have full access to complete profiles, including photo albums and last login info, right away.”

I’m impressed with the online dating magazine that you’ll find on True, I’ve enjoyed the subscriber-submitted stories and articles on other sites. All the same, this site goes the extra mile. Its version is called Professional writers contribute many of the articles. Authors include David De Angelo. He has dating advice for men. Women can get tips from Christian Carter. Thankfully, user-submitted content is edited for spelling errors and grammar.

That’s definitely different from the standard found on other sites. It may not seem overly important. At least not to some seasoned online singles out there. However, to a newbie, it could be quite useful. Even to someone like me. I’ve definitely been around the block a few times, but I still find that edited texts make for a more pleasant read. Those relationship experts alone are worthwhile. I’ve seen their advice for sale, rather than available for free, at many other sites.

Beyond a minor dip in the number of visitors to the site, the price has changed. It used to be in the low-end of midrange pricing but has gone up several dollars. Now, it matches most standard sites. It does offer some advanced features such as audio and video messaging. However, one thing that is lacking is the ability to receive replies from free members. That’s true even if you are a paid subscriber who initiates contact. This cuts your potential matches considerably and has always been a hindrance to successful meeting through this site.

Overall, though, remains a popular site with many good features. Your day won’t be wasted if you decide to at least tour its pages.

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