Date Match Review

Date Match Review

Date Match doesn’t bring anything new or different to the dating market. There have been some changes since our last visit that’s made it better than it was before. I guess the site had to evolve if it was going to last in this competitive market. It still won’t exactly blow you away, but I’ll explain why you might want to check it out and create a free profile too see what it has to offer.

Signing up at is free. It takes about five minutes and then you are ready to go, which wasn’t very far the first couple of times we checked it out, but now your free membership takes you a bit farther. At any rate, you can skip quite a few information fields when filling out your profile. You do have to provide a written description of yourself and what you’re looking for in a match though.

“Even though you have to pay before you can contact anyone, at least you can get a feel for whether there are potential matches in your neighborhood.”

This site offers a bunch of reasons why you might want to meet someone. Most of them sound fairly romantic or platonic in nature. The only choice that might be a bit racier is if you’re seeking a short-term relationship. Even so, the design of the site before you join – and even the featured members after you sign in – put the emphasis on beautiful people. Despite that fact, this site doesn’t seem to have issues with spamming your inbox or even complaints from surfers about fake profiles.

With your free profile, you can now do local searches to within 10 miles of a US zip code, or by city for other countries. You will also see full profile details, including last login. In other words, you can really figure out rather easily how many active members live near you. Even though you have to pay before you can contact anyone, at least you can get a feel for whether there are potential matches in your neighborhood.

If you upgrade, you can see any extra photos that a member has beyond the main profile image. You can also use the video chat room. Obviously, you’ll have access to email too. That’s crucial because even though as a free member you can read email messages from other members, you cannot reply to them without upgrading first. Instant messaging is also a premium service on DateMatch.

This site has a long way to go before it really pulls people in, because in the end that’s its biggest issue. It really hasn’t done well at attracting people to its pages. With a name like Date Match, this site should have an automatic leg-up on the competition in search results, but people aren’t going for it.

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