Deafs Review

Deafs Review

Deafs is a strange name to me. I think of deaf as an adjective, not a noun. At any rate, it’s a dating site for deaf people, or those with assistant listening systems and devices (ALS/ALD). Sometimes online dating sites, especially in specialized niches, don’t tailor anything to their target market. Luckily, this site is better than most when it comes to meeting the needs of its members. It’s been customized to suit the needs of those who would be most interested in using its services and its extra features help to build a strong sense of community.

When creating a profile on, many questions are standard to most sites. There’s the usual personal essay section to provide more details about you and some checkboxes regarding your level of deafness. You could also be a hearing person with experience in sign language or a CODA (child of deaf adult). You can select American sign language (ASL) as a spoken language, but no other signing languages are offered as options, so it’s far from a complete list.

“You can refer friends to the site and if 10 of them register through the link in your referral email, you get a month of premium membership for free.”

A dating site is only as strong as its ability to find someone special. That person should be easily found from among all the members who don’t quite fit what you’re looking for. This site limits its free searches too much. Sure, there’s the issue of the 100-mile radius limit until you upgrade, which then allows you to get results from within 50 miles of home. However, the real issue is that only paid members can filter based on their match’s deafness level and I think that should be free. You also can’t see last login info before paying.

You also need to upgrade to enjoy features like the daily deaf news and to initiate email and instant messaging. Paid members can also watch “deaf” videos and thanks to a few free samples, I now know what that means. It’s almost like a video message board with discussions between members. There are lots of free extras too. For example, you can read the deaf forums and some personal blogs. Most importantly, it is free to reply to emails and instant messages from paid members.

There are a number of ways to get free full access. You can refer friends to the site and if 10 of them register through the link in your referral email, you get a month of premium membership for free. They can also pay you cash, or give you up to six months of free access if you make a really great suggestion on how to improve their site. Finally, someone can give you a premium subscription as a gift. Deafs has limited visitors, but you can check it out for free before committing to a monthly fee.

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