Desi Kiss Review

Desi Kiss Review

Desi Kiss is designed to bring together married-minded individuals of Indian descent from around the world. It has many aspects of its service that are specifically tailored to its target market. That’s refreshing in the online dating world. Too many sites ignore their audience. Let me explain what makes this site unique.

First, there is a ton of required information when filling out your profile for the first time. There are a few areas regarding your potential mate that can be skipped without providing specifics. However, you will need to describe yourself thoroughly. There’s a series of dropdown options and checkboxes. You will also have to fill out a couple of freeform essays. One is about you. The other is about the person with whom you find the best chances of something serious.

“You can only look for a long-term relationship, and it has to be with someone of the opposite sex.”

There is one difference between this self-described Indian matrimonial site and other general dating sites. You can only look for a long-term relationship, and it has to be with someone of the opposite sex. You can’t just be looking for dates or friends. You can mention whether you would date someone who was not Indian, though. That does give the whole endeavor an air of greater seriousness.

There are some special fields to fill. You can input your caste and sub-caste. When it comes to searching for the ideal and truly localized match however, you’ll discover that most of the extra information is only searchable when you upgrade to a premium membership. You can only narrow the field down to within 150 miles of your zip or postal code. There is a free keyword search option, though.

DesiKiss has no message boards. There are no chat rooms either. The feeling of community on this site isn’t very apparent. Other sites serving specific groups of people do a better job. You can form a personal network of online friends. Otherwise, there are the traditional communication standbys such as email. There’s instant messaging too. They both come with some limitations before upgrading.

You can read received emails without paying. You can reply to any instant messages for free. However, to send an email or to initiate instant messaging requires a paid membership. That does not quite allow for the freest of communication between paid and unpaid subscribers. However, it at least gives some limited access to free members.

Desi Kiss competes best in profile quality. It does so by demanding that a good amount of information be provided during the signup process. However, it falls a bit short on attracting enough visitors to the site. I’d suggest checking it out if it suits your interests. Just be wary as it may not provide as many contacts as more popular sites.

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