Ebony Friends Review

Ebony Friends Review

Ebony Friends is an online dating community where black friends and singles can feel at home. They’ve put together a total package that seems to suit the needs of anyone looking for love online. They’ve also redesigned the site since our initial review. It’s a welcome change, because previously they had white writing on a black background and that was tiring on the eyes. Now it’s dark writing on a mostly white background.

EbonyFriends doesn’t ask for much information when you first sign up, so you can get in and start your tour of the site quickly and easily. There aren’t any long essays to fill out or complicated matching systems to contend with. Most of the site’s members are black. All the same, it isn’t completely an ethnic-specific site. You’ll find people of different races looking for interracial relationships.

“One thing that serves as a positive reason to check out this site is that it’s free to respond to messages from paid members…”

Search options can make or break a site for new users. lets you search for love, but puts limits on your ability to filter results until you upgrade. The last time around, free searches let you narrow results to within 100 miles. This time, though, I could only do quick searches by entire cities. If you upgrade you can search within a 50-mile radius, do keyword searches, or only look for profiles with photos.

The site will let you try before you buy, at least to a certain extent. You can send a “smile” with a number of prewritten texts, allowing you to indicate your degree of interest. You’re encouraged to post messages and general comments on people’s profiles. You can also take part in the message boards. If you upgrade, you’ll have access to daily ebony news stories.

One thing that counts against the site is that you can’t see the last login info unless you upgrade. One thing that serves as a positive reason to check out this site is that it’s free to respond to messages from paid members, which makes either trying the site for free or upgrading more appealing. I mean, if you pay, you want to know that whoever catches your fancy has a chance of to reply back.

The site has seen a decline in the number of visitors to its pages since our first visit quite some time ago. It also raised its membership rate by about 30 percent a while back despite its lack of popularity. If you could at least search for locals near you before paying, it might seem less of a dice roll to join. Ebony Friends needs more members before it is worth recommending.

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