Eligible Greeks Review

Eligible Greeks Review

Singles Greeks seeking connections might want to check out Eligible Greeks. The site is user friendly, but before you can get down to the business of finding connections, you’ll need to do a bit of work. The way the profile process is designed not to be rushed through is one of the strongest features of the site. Many sites allow you to enter a name and a handful of other basic details, so you’re browsing online in seconds. This site makes you think about what you enter beforehand. requests you to complete a number of mandatory questions. They’re designed to help fill out your profile with enough info so that other members have a well-rounded understanding of you as a person. Sure, questions can be answered randomly. However, since they have to be answered one way or another, most profiles will have more accurate details than not. Strong sites are built on quality profiles, and single Greeks have it good on this site.

“Most important to remember is that Eligible Greeks is one of the few sites on the market catering to the Greek community.”

Search options are limited before upgrading. It seems that when we first visited EligibleGreeks that wasn’t the case. Currently, they only offer the basics until you pay for advanced options. That’s unfortunate, because free searches don’t narrow the radius of results to any closer than 150 miles. When you upgrade, you can get to within 20 miles of a given postal or zip code. All the dropdown menu fields that were mandatory when you signed up also come into play after you pay.

Single Greeks who are just looking to poke around will find that the site falls in line with most standard dating sites on the Internet. It allows you to send signs of interest and receive emails from paid members for free. You can also view full profile info, which includes the last login date, to give you some clue as to how active a potential match on the site might be.

Niche dating sites like this one face uphill battles when it comes to membership levels. A smaller potential market makes it harder for a site to attract visitors. This site continues to have difficulties in getting people to visit its pages. Counterintuitive to its limited traffic is its expensive price. It has actually raised its rates again sometime during the last 17 months.

Now costing more than many other high-end sites, it has lost even more of its appeal. You can be sure that the people who pay for this site are serious enough about looking for love to invest a substantial fee each month. Most important to remember is that Eligible Greeks is one of the few sites on the market catering to the Greek community.

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