Ethiopian Personals Review

Ethiopian Personals Review

A site like Ethiopian Personals makes for a simple review. It’s well laid out and works easily under the command of your mouse. They redesigned it after our first visit, but most changes were minor and didn’t really affect how you used the site. They have made some small changes again, keeping the site’s simplicity. It’s still not quite perfect and the price has skyrocketed.

Any new visitor to has to go through the profile creation process. Most sites ask a few basic questions to let you in, but this dating site goes out of its way to find out more. They even have a large extended answer section to fill out tons of different details. Why should you care? Details are what attract people, after all, so do your best to take advantage of the opportunity that the site provides.

“Ethiopian Personals would be a stronger site if it attracted more members by adding more services, free local searches and lowering its price.”

A positive change is that you can do searches based on zip and postal codes again. The bad news is that you won’t be able to narrow down the searches by less than 150 miles unless you pay, which makes it tough to judge how many potential matches are living in your local area before upgrading. Premium subscribers can get it down to within 20 miles of home.

Also, as a free member, you can send signs of interest to other members and reply to instant messages. You can also reply to emails with paying, except you can only reply once to each email, which means if someone contacts you and you reply, you will have to wait to receive their next message before you can reply to them again.

One thing that’s lacking from the site is a sense of an online community. There are no message boards, chat rooms or blogs. Generally, on a niche dating site, you might expect some effort to encourage conversation and discussion among more than just individual members. I guess this site doesn’t see that as important.

The site has had only a small increase in visitors. Maybe its market is too small or it’s just one that’s hard to reach. Then again, for me, the lack of free local searches really makes it hard to judge how many potential matches I can find before I sign up. Another surprising change is the price. It has gone from middle of the road to extremely high-end.

I think they should consider making a membership more reasonable and letting you do more localized searches to encourage people to join. Ethiopian Personals would be a stronger site if it attracted more members by adding more services, free local searches and lowering its price.

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