Fling Review

Fling Review

Beyond the super-catchy name, Fling has one thing going for it – its popularity. I’m not sure why it’s quite so popular. After all, despite being well designed and attracting lots of traffic to its pages, it offers much less than many other sites do until you upgrade your account. Nevertheless, it calls itself the “World’s Best Adult Personals” so you may wonder if it walks the talk.

Fling isn’t coy about the goals of its sex-dating services. It currently offers a guarantee when you upgrade your account. If you can’t hook up by the end of your first three months, it’ll give you another three months free. That’s something I haven’t seen on even traditional dating sites. However, I suppose promising at least one fling isn’t the same as trying to say you’ll find true love.

“…what I would consider a useful option considering the adult nature of Fling is that you can choose to have a “discreet” profile…”

You don’t have to include many details when creating a profile. In fact, what I would consider a useful option considering the adult nature of Fling is that you can choose to have a “discreet” profile, which blurs out your photo and prevents anyone who hasn’t been added to your black book of prospective connections from reading the written details.

Plenty of profiles on the site include photos. That’s useful since before you upgrade, you have limited access to profiles. You can search them free, but your results cannot be enlarged beyond a preview pane. I’ll also be frank. Despite the high number of visitors, you’ll probably find some of the profiles somewhat unbelievable. Some members seem too good to be true. Moreover, what’s even stranger to me is there’s absolutely no way to show interest in someone’s description until you pay.

After upgrading, you can add folks to your infamous black book. You can also invite someone to be a friend on your own personalized network of contacts. You can use instant messaging, too. However, only paid members can reply to your messages. Unless, that is, you pay for the most expensive membership option. It allows you to contact all members regardless of their subscription status.

An extra feature included free for anyone visiting the site is a live cam link. Although labeled with the Fling brand, it’s really just like any other webcam service. There’s free chat with the models who tease you a bit. If you want to see anything truly adult, you need to pay a per-minute rate. However, this service will do little in the way of finding you a fling, unless taking your wallet out for a spin is what you had in mind.

Fling is sleek-looking and popular but offers little unless you pay to play.

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