Free chat lines

Free chat lines

Here are some interesting facts about free chat lines that may surprise you. Free chat lines are more often used by women than men. This is because many of the chat line services are male oriented, with live guy talk being their focus. It’s reported that not only do some people avoid using these services, but some actually disconnect their home phone service completelyand only use their cellular service.

Free chat lines are more than just a way to get laid and used by people of all income levels. Free chat lines can be fun, interesting, and even educational for many different types of callers. Free chat lines services will play ads between calls which help pay for the cost of the phone line being free to begin with. Free chat lines have been around long enough that there are several different companies offering these services using live operators or prerecorded messages.

Free chat line numbers are not toll-free numbers available nationwide, but they are also not restricted to only one area code within a state either. Free chat line ads are often hosted on targeted websites so as to reach potential customers in given areas where it may otherwisebe difficult to advertise. Free chat line services are not all about sexual conversation and many of them offer a wide variety of topics you can chat about with a live person, from movies to music. Free chat lines may require registration or the purchase of minutes.

Free chat lines usually have at least some type of age restriction on them as well as restrictions concerning sexually explicit conversations. Free chat lines often give you the ability to record your own message for others callers to hear as they wait in queue for an available operator. Free chat line numbers typically will not show up in local directories either because they charge a fee for that service or do not want their service being given out over the phone in general to reduce public access in order only to those who request it. Free chat lines can be found local to your area or in larger cities.

Free chat line ads are often on the radio, television, and even online. Free chat lines typically do not offer callers any type of discounted price for blocks of time while some will give you a set allotment of free minutes upon registration. Free chat lines do not require phone verification or charge anything at all on your phone bill for service unless you go over the allotted amount of free minutes given to you during registration with an operator. Free chat lines will typically play recorded messages when no operators are available since this allows them to make money without having an actual person answer the calls they receive constantly all day long every day of the week. Free chat line services have been around

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