French Friend Finder Review

French Friend Finder Review

Singles who open the doors to French Friend Finder find a new world waiting for them. A large number of people on the site speak French. Ideally, you might like to have some understanding of the language before you sign into the site. At the very least, it couldn’t hurt to have a French-English dictionary to help you do some rough translating. Otherwise, you might find yourself a bit lost even though you can choose whether to view the site’s links in French or English. attempts to provide a community for both French singles and those who simply admire the French language and culture. You can sign up for free. Just be warned that although you can search or browse profiles without paying, you cannot see most of them in detail. Some premium subscribers pay extra to have their profiles visible to everyone. A few popular profiles may earn this privilege for free. Not seeing full profiles is this site’s greatest drawback.

“ attempts to provide a community for both French singles and those who simply admire the French language and culture.”

You can show interest in someone by sending a free “flirt” or by adding a profile to your hotlist. Its owner is notified of being hot listed. If that person is a paid member and chooses to send you a message, you can reply for free. As I said in the intro, you might want to brush up on your French, though. That is unless you’re as interested in meeting a Francophile as you are in conversing with an actual Francophone. The French might say “chacun son goût” or as we would say in English “to each his/her own.”

The site has a bunch of fun extra features such as chat rooms, blogs, message boards and a magazine to which users can contribute. However, these types of things all fall short if there aren’t many members taking part in the discussions or sharing of personal stories. Only a handful of people were using the chat rooms when we visited the site. Maybe we just weren’t on at the right time. The other areas seemed active enough, but it’s clear that the site attracts limited traffic to its pages.

Considering the success other similarly designed sites have had at getting people to visit them, it’s a surprise this one is seeing fewer visitors. Nevertheless, I love what the site has done to build a community for French singles and their admirers. Not to wine but the inability to view profiles up front turns my grapes sour. However, if you’re French and don’t mind paying for full access to profiles, I’m sure this is a dating site that’s worth your attention. French Friend Finder is without a doubt reasonably priced enough to try it out fully.

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