German Friend Finder Review

German Friend Finder Review

Single German women and men have a home at The site is just like any other dating site, allowing you to browse profiles and search members, much as you would expect. The only problem is that it does come with a quirk or two. It offers many services, but some basic access is limited until you pay for a monthly membership.

The profile quality on German Friend Finder is good, but you won’t be able to tell that for yourself until you pay for a membership. Most sites let you browse profiles for free, but German singles get the cold shoulder on this site. In most cases, you’re only able to see a brief profile summary. If you click to enter a profile, you’ll usually get an upgrade prompt.

“The profile quality on German Friend Finder is good, but you won’t be able to tell that for yourself until you pay for a membership.”

Online daters need to determine if a dating site is good for them by running searches. They need to see how many profiles local to them log on frequently to make connecting possible. You can do that on this site, but without seeing full profiles it makes it an exercise in futility. Some paid subscribers pay extra to allow free viewing of their details. A few popular profiles might get this privilege for free.

Nevertheless, if you live in Canada or the United States, you can limit your results to within your postal or zip code. If you want to do a distance search from a specific city other than your own, or to broaden the radius to a few miles more than your home mailing code, you need to upgrade for the advanced search options.

As to the last login information, it seems German Friend Finder gives some broad details. You can see whether someone logged in during the last week, last three months or more than three months ago, which seems quite sketchy, because it’s not too precise. It would be tricky to confirm active members in your local area. It might be useful for there to be a few steps between the previous week and within several months.

One thing that this site does best is create a sense of community. From the choice of seeing links, site articles and blogs written in German to the large amount of subscriber-submitted content and forums, you’ll feel as if you’re getting some worthwhile entertainment – and even some worthwhile information – tailored to German singles. You can even set up a personal network of your new online friends and potential dates.

Overall, it’s a solid site. Finally, some of the earlier mentioned limitations that require you to update for fuller access seem less daunting once you see the highly competitive pricing of German Friend Finder. It might just be worth joining after all.

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