Good Russian Girls Review

Good Russian Girls Review

When my dad was really young, he used to believe that you could order the women that modeled the clothes in department store catalogues. I’m not sure if he thought there might be some assembly required. However, he certainly enjoyed catalogue shopping as a boy. That is until someone cleared up his confusion. Good Russian Girls lets you browse what appear to be beautiful, marriage-minded women online, but it makes no guarantees of success in meeting someone.

I broke one of our review rules designed to help us keep track of whether a site spams or not. When I created my profile on GoodRussianGirls, besides a decent amount of personal info, I had no choice but to provide a photo. If not, my profile wouldn’t be approved. Somewhere a real person carefully scrutinizes profiles individually, and I had to meet their requirements. So I used a genuine photo and not some random pic to get in.

“You must pay the full monthly fee for a five-day trial before recurring membership kicks in.”

I expected an email to confirm my profile was approved. One never came. Eventually, I simply tried signing in and realized my profile got the green light. That said, without providing any information, I could browse the based on age or geographical locations, and there’s a section devoted to bikini beach photos. It reminded me of my dad’s catalogue theory.

Many of the women are extremely beautiful. However, the site states that it subsists on visitor-submitted profiles only. It explains that some women may not speak English. Therefore, it marks all profiles that were translated from Russian as such. Women who write in Russian but claim to speak English have it mentioned with a question mark on their descriptions. Those who submit in English are posted as is after they pass the standard inspection for appropriateness.

You can write to any profile without being a monthly member. It costs a flat rate of $4.95 per email. You can pay another $4.95 to have it translated to Russian. If the woman responds through the site’s system, her answer will be translated into English. That service comes at no additional charge. However, the site allows you to include direct contact info. Obviously, those direct responses would come as is.

The monthly fee is a considerable saving as it includes unlimited – but not translated – emails. You pay the extra fee to translate emails to Russian. There is another catch though: You must pay the full monthly fee for a five-day trial before recurring membership kicks in. That’s it. There are no chat rooms, forums, instant messaging or services to help with foreign emigration. However, I didn’t receive spam either. Good Russian Girls seems sincere in its efforts to make international matches.

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