GreatExpectations Review – Throughout U.S.

GreatExpectations Review – Throughout U.S.


  • Pre-screens members with face-to-face meeting at facilities set up all across the states.
  • Great Expectations host parties and events exclusive to members.
  • All the people you will meet are from your area.


  • High-pressure sells tactics – be prepared to walk away if isn’t for you.
  • Very Expensive costs – You should try to negotiate for a a reasonable price.
  • Dating pool might be small since it is localized.

I have a mixed impression about Great Expectations. I think if you are looking for a more traditional type of dating service than Great-Expectations could be for you. But from what I have read there are a lot of issues with that people have had problems with.

The first is the price, they will ask you to pay anywhere from $3000 – $4000 dollars for a 13 month subscription and a additional $30 a month for online services but its like talking a used car salesman and you will have to negotiate for a lower price. One user talked the manager down to $700 dollars. I also found that they have not been registered with the Better Business Bureau since August 2003 and while registered with them received negative reviews. The positives with this site is the cost, if you can afford it than that would probably mean that you have a good income and a steady profession, the second thing I can say is the face-to-face interaction with the dating service provides a little more security and safety than solely online dating services.


I don’t think this site is right for the average dater you can find a lot of online dating services that provide just as many local matches. I think that if you are more comfortable with traditional dating and security is a top priority for you, than this site might be worth it. But be warned, I have seen many complaints about high pressure sales tactics so watch out.

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