Greek Singles Connection Review

Greek Singles Connection Review

Is the dating world all-Greek to you? I mean, only Greeks for you. Then here’s an opportunity to meet other single Greeks online. You don’t have to be Greek to join. However, remains one specialized singles site that seems to attract mainly Greek members. What a great (I wanted to say Greek but stopped myself) opportunity to make connections with a Hellenic man or woman. It certainly can’t hurt to try it. The online personals route lets you avoid those awkward blind date setups by family and friends. It’s better to be the master of your own destiny than leaving it up to your Aunt Aphrodite. Goddess of love, she’s not.

Start by filling out a profile. I have been, at times, critical of sites for not making enough fields mandatory. However, I found that on Greek Singles Connection enough people were conscientious about filling out their details. You still run into the occasional Curious George who randomly types in a bunch of meaningless characters for no apparent reason. However you choose to present yourself, you can always go back to add more details. You can even express your true colors by taking a personality test. It will color-code your profile to match your type of character.

“When you sign up to the premium membership, you can chat live, send and receive email, participate actively on the message boards and use instant messaging.”

Fill out the information in the site’s matchmaking system. When completed, you assign the overall percentage of importance for each individual factor in comparison to all the rest. For example, blue eyes are nice. They’re hardly a deal-breaker, though. Maybe you’d mark them as two percent important. Meanwhile, wanting a large family might count as 25 percent by comparison. Once your answers are in place, the system will email you resulting profiles. It will tip you off to those folks who are best suited to you.

I always say you need to be able to try a specialized site out before you commit. As is often the case, visitor numbers on GreekSinglesConnection are lower than other mainstream sites. Browse through all the member descriptions. You can send free flirty smiles or e-cards to show interest in someone. You’ll be able to read all the message boards, too. That will definitely give you a taste of whether this virtual community is for you.

If you see that it is right for you then take the plunge. When you sign up to the premium membership, you can chat live, send and receive email, participate actively on the message boards and use instant messaging. Greek Singles Connections has perhaps seen limited site traffic, because both parties need to be paying members in order to communicate. At any rate, the monthly fee has remained quite competitive.

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