Hye Singles Review

Hye Singles Review

In case you missed the connection, Hye Singles is a dating site for Armenians. Hye actually means “Armenian” – but you probably know that if you’ve come this far to read this review. You might also be aware that even though it’s one of the few Armenian web personals sites on the market, it has never garnered much traffic. Currently, it still receives few regular visitors.

Nevertheless, Armenian singles will also be happy to note that has a strong balance between style and substance. The site is smooth and clean and runs effortlessly under the clicks of your mouse. You’re also not going to get lost in the pages. It’s easy to navigate and they’ve worked out the bugs, making surfing a true pleasure.

“…Armenian singles will also be happy to note that has a strong balance between style and substance.”

You can make a website flashy, but a dating site needs quality members to be worth joining. To this end, HyeSingles offers a very detailed profile process when you sign up. What does this mean for you? It generally means you should have more to go on when searching for members that suit your needs. That, in our books, is a great place for any dating site to start.

One thing that has changed since the site first launched is that only premium members can access localized searches, when previously all members had access to advanced search options. The same goes for any detailed criteria filled out when creating a profile. Therefore, search options aren’t a real strong point for nonpaying members.

However, they’re not completely locked out of making connections. They can’t initiate messages, but it’s free to reply to ones sent from premium members. So you can send out free flirts to any person who catches your fancy. If he or she is a platinum member, you might receive an email or instant message to which you can reply for free.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the site’s marketing. It’s set on cornering the Armenian market, and you don’t have to be Hye to join. However, the term is probably unfamiliar to many non-Armenian people. Enough so that it might discourage them from checking the site out. All niche-dating sites generally lack the popularity of their less specialized, mainstream counterparts. However, there’s less traffic on this site than there is on other niche sites.

A larger issue is that despite having seen no rise in visitors, the site has raised its price. It’s gone from already high-end to what we consider super expensive. There is no lower-priced option. It has only a single premium tier. Hye Singles is ideal for any single Armenians, but they will have to pay quite a lot for this market-specific dating site, despite its limited number of site visits.

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