Indian Friend Finder Review

Indian Friend Finder Review

When looking for a niche-specific dating site, you may feel obliged to lower your expectations as far as what services the site offers or how popular it is compared to others. However, in this instance, you needn’t worry, because Indian Friend Finder is first rate all the way. You don’t need to sacrifice any of the things that you’d ideally expect from your Web personals experience. The site does have its limitations when it comes to free access, but otherwise you get features that many standard online dating sites offer.

The major catch is that IndianFriendFinder may have good-quality profiles overall, but you can’t view full details without paying first. For the most part, you can run searches and see partial information in the results before upgrading. However, some premium subscribers choose to pay extra to allow free members to see more of their profiles. In some cases, if someone posts a very popular profile, then that individual can earn special viewing privileges for free.

“The numbers show that seems to have many active members.”

Objective measures of membership levels are hard to determine from a simple site visit. We use an independent site-popularity ranking system to determine our scores. The numbers show that seems to have many active members. One might not trust the authenticity of every profile, but traffic figures confirm its genuine popularity. In fact, its popularity has recently experienced significant growth.

One worthwhile feature is that search results show a user’s last login date, so you have some idea of how active members are within your search area. However, free users don’t have localized search options unless they live in the United States, where they can search by zip code. Unfortunately, if you’re from another country you need to upgrade in order to search within a specific radius around your city.

Otherwise, as mentioned in the intro, this site has extensive services to offer. Besides email, there are instant messaging, chat rooms, message boards, an online magazine and personal blogs. Many of these features can be checked out before upgrading. Obviously, you need to buy a subscription in order to initiate emails and instant messages, although it is free to reply to paid members. Moreover, those premium subscribers who pay to allow all visitors to see their full profiles can be contacted by free members.

There are two levels of membership, with the less expensive option offering limited access to the above-mentioned services, while the more expensive premium subscription provides unlimited access to everything on the site while granting access to additional features, such as video introductions. Overall, Indian Friend Finder is best experienced by those who pay, but you should get enough of a free taste to make an informed buying decision.

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