International Cupid Review

International Cupid Review

International Cupid connects singles on a global scale. In most cases, members seek to marry someone. Usually, their match will be a man or woman from another country. Obviously, this site is more like a regular dating site and less like a mail-order bride site. In the end, though, you will find some features that are helpful for connecting people from completely different parts of the world. For instance, there is the option of getting some help with translations.

InternationalCupid also offers a demo describing how email works and highlights built-in translation software that they offer. You must sign up for the most expensive membership to use it though. I have tried similar programs in the past and I know their translations aren’t always perfect. All the same, the basic point of what you’re saying comes across clearly enough to the other person.

“InternationalCupid also offers a demo describing how email works and highlights built-in translation software that they offer.”

It certainly is a cost effective alternative. Foreign bride sites often charge a fee per translated message. That’s in addition to their usual monthly membership. This adds up after even a short while. I can read some Spanish and the example in the demo looks like it did a decent job of translating Spanish into English. I assume that it should be as easy to use as the online demo makes it seem. isn’t really aimed at meeting someone locally. All the same, you can filter down your results a bit. You do a simple country, state or province search first. Once completed, if you scroll down below your initial results, you’ll find a dropdown menu with a choice of cities in that area to select. Obviously, some regions have longer and more detailed listings of city names. There is no zip or postal code search option.

The advanced search options make use of other detailed fields in members’ profiles. You can skip info about your potential match, but you do have to fill out all the basic info about yourself. You also will complete at least a brief written essay about what kind of person you’re seeking to meet. You might also want to add a video introduction to your profile. However, you’ll need to buy the most expensive membership first.

One good thing is that it is free to reply to messages from paid members. Other things such as chat rooms or initiating emails and instant messages require you pay. For the moment, this site has limited popularity. At least when it comes to the new visitors it attracts to its pages. However, there is a decent amount of existing members. I do like the personal approach, because traditional foreign-bride sites often seem impersonal. International Cupid is a worthwhile alternative.

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