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Iranian Personals Review uses the tagline, “Connecting Iranians Worldwide.” Sites that try to reach specific markets often do well at building a strong membership base. That’s why we’d expect a site like this one to do a good job for Iranian singles. Still, it’s always good to get enough free access before paying to really see whether a site is worth joining. It’s a good thing this one made some changes a while back. Now, it is actually easier than ever to tell if it’s worth your money.

Iranian Personals doesn’t really require much from you when you create a profile. You only have to fill in a bit of info about yourself. Then you must complete a couple of extra essay questions about whom and what you’re looking for in a relationship. Off the top there’s a question on ethnic background where you can specify as many details as you see fit. The more details entered in your profile, the higher you’ll appear in search results, so make sure to spend the time and write it right.

“The more details entered in your profile, the higher you’ll appear in search results, so make sure to spend the time and write it right.”

A lack of localized searches hampers your ability to experience Iranian Personals fully before upgrading. The closest you can get to your zip or postal code is 150 miles. If you pay to upgrade then you can narrow that field down to 20 miles. At least you can now see the last time another member was online. At one point this info was blocked on free search results, so you couldn’t really tell how many active members there were.

One thing that changed for the worse and has now changed back for the better is how messaging works. At one point, you could reply free to instant messages, but only read emails. Now you can reply to either type of message without having to pay first. That’s definitely an improvement whether you’re trying IranianPersonals out for free or you’ve paid the money to upgrade. I mean, if you’re going to invest in a membership it’s reassuring to know you can contact anyone on the site and they can reply back.

I’m afraid that I have one final piece of bad news. The price has again gone up by over 10 percent since our last visit when it had increased by about a third of what the original price was. In other words, it has gone from being competitively priced to being rather expensive. On the bright side, the popularity of the site has continued to increase. It took a while to get off the ground, but it has managed to slowly grow its membership. Iranian Personals is rather pricey, but you can test it out enough for free before taking that plunge.

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