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Regular dating and meeting people the traditional way has taken a backseat. Although conventional dating is not dead yet, more and more people are referring to dating sites online to search and find for their match. Studies show that the success of these relationships is the same as the conventional way of meeting and connecting people.

However, there are still people who believe that meeting their one true match is through the conventional way. The traditional ways may include connecting through friends, officemates, church mates or bumping into the next special person somewhere. These first meetings may be pursued through first dates over lunch or coffee or drinks after work. Whether the relationship would blossom is really up to the couple themselves.

One online dating site known as is a contemporary dating site because it is online, however, it provides a conventional way of connecting people together offline. This responds to the mindset of people who refer to online dating sites to avoid the hassle of meeting others while it also addresses people who prefer dating through the traditional ways.

Who would have thought that the beginning of in 1991 was brought about by a woman whose own engagement was called off. The sad experience brought her to the difficult task of getting back into the dating scene and meeting well-educated singles through blind dates, personal ads, internet and dating services which did not work out pretty well. The founder had an idea of the ideal date which was a simple lunch date or a drink after work. These encounters make up for a fun, stress-free way to meet other singles. Thus was created and the rest is history so to speak.

After seventeen years in the dating business, is one of the more successful offline dating sites providing a service where everyone feels comfortable with the process of meeting a new person. They arrange fun lunch dates and drinks for busy singles. They offer a stress-free casual date for busy professionals over lunch, brunch or drinks after work.

More discussion is provided below about this offline dating site which can perk up your social life and meet the person you can have meaningful encounters with.

REGIONS is available worldwide embracing the following locations:

• Asia
• Australia
• Canada
• Caribbean
• Europe
• United States

RELATIONSHIP is open to busy professional singles who are looking for meaningful relationships which can start from casual dating over lunch or drinks after work.


As an offline dating site, they provide the following perks:

• First date specialists – real people who are keen in arranging first dates through lunch or drinks after work
• Restaurant partners – best places in your place where you can begin a meaningful relationship with someone special
• Dating and relationship facts – tools like dating quizzes which can help you in evaluating your own personality pertinent to dating and relationships


For a competitive rate at you can expect the following:

• Schedule a discreet, confidential interview with which allows them to carefully evaluate what it is you look for in a potential partner. They will discuss about what has worked for you in the past and your interests. Then, they match you with other members.
• They select a person for you based upon the information you gave during the interview based on personality and physical requirements, your desires, goals, motivations and their instincts.
• They select a match for you and contact you by phone to tell you about the person they have chosen.
• Show up at the restaurant and enjoy the date. They will handle every step.

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