Japan Cupid Review

Japan Cupid Review

Many people find that there’s a certain Asian allure that’s hard to beat. It might be hard to meet someone of Asian descent locally, depending on where you live. Even if you did, a person might have assimilated to local customs so much that some of their appeal gained by coming from a more traditional culture is lost. Japan Cupid tries to fill that void. It lets you reach across the globe, so you can meet someone who is still in the Land of the Rising Sun.

When you fill in a free profile, you’ll soon find that truly localized searches are not always on the horizon. You must provide info about your appearance, level of schooling and occupation, as well as language skills. You don’t give a postal or zip code, but instead a country, region and in some instances a city, so search options are hardly precise. However, you can filter basic search results by a dropdown menu of select cities.

“For those who opt for the more expensive of the two membership options, built-in translation software is added to your Inbox.”

It makes no difference whether you upgrade your JapanCupid membership to a paid subscription. The advanced search options only expand the criteria to include things like height, weight and religion. Once you pay, at least you will be able to connect with all levels of members. It is free for everyone to reply to emails or instant messages, but only paid subscribers can use the chat rooms.

They do offer further incentive to spend a bit extra on For those who opt for the more expensive of the two membership options, built-in translation software is added to your Inbox. Before, there was an online demo of this feature, but I couldn’t find it after they redesigned their upgrade page a while ago.

Nevertheless, I can tell you about it from what I’ve seen before. The translation software provides translated texts that at times suffer from translation that’s a bit too direct. There are separate websites that will do a similar job of translating for free, so I’m not sure it’s worth paying extra for this built-in option.

Most important to your success on any dating site is the number of visitors that it attracts. You’ll be a bit disappointed by the small number of people visiting this site. The number of folks checking it out has actually declined slightly. All the same, at least it keeps a modest amount of traffic at all times.

There’s definitely a sense that many of its users are marriage-minded folks. They are people quite serious in their efforts to meet someone special. Japan Cupid might just be your best chance to meet your Japanese soul mate for life.

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