JDate Review

JDate Review

Every good Jewish child knows that mamele only wants you to be happy. But would it kill you to bring home a nice Jewish girl once and awhile? And what? Such a pretty girl like you and still no husband? You have no free time to meet someone, you say. It must be true. You’re even too busy to call your own mother. For the Jew on the go who still wouldn’t mind settling down and sharing a life with someone who might never be good enough for mamma – but at least understands what guilt means – J Date is your chance to meet singles without sorting through shikses and goy boys.

They claim opposites attract. However, studies have shown that whoever “they” are, they’re plain meshuganah. Two people having lots in common and living close to one another form most successful relationships. The problem is that however nice Mrs. Goldstein’s daughter is or how Mr. Lipshitz’s son is so successful, what sounds good on paper just doesn’t always cut it. Your mother was right. You’re fickle and too picky.

“Paid JDate subscribers can also access chat rooms for a definite chance to schmooze some more and make a good first impression.”

You must appreciate Bubbie’s concerted efforts to find you a match. However, you need to go out and find your own balebatisheh yiden. Why not take a couple of minutes to fill out a free membership form on Then you’ll have a chance to check out profiles from over half-a-million Jewish singles. I kid you not. There are 15,000 new subscribers every month.

Until you shell out some cash, you can’t really contact anyone. You can send little prewritten “teases.” However, what do you expect? It’s about as much as many other sites offer free, quite frankly. After you’re schvitzing from all the shopping around and you decide to finally get serious, sign up for a paid membership. Then you can really get down to business.

You’ll be able to send and receive emails and initiate instant messages, too. Free members can reply to instant messages but can’t start the ball rolling. You’ve lived long enough to know that it’s all about networking. The more people you talk to, the better. Paid JDate subscribers can also access chat rooms for a definite chance to schmooze some more and make a good first impression.

The cost of a single month’s membership has gone up yet again since our last visit. The site’s midlevel popularity remains steady. However, the longer multi-month subscriptions are more billik like borscht. My only advice is that you realize that this site is more for serious people looking for actual relationships. If you’re only looking to get shtup’d, this isn’t really your scene. Visit J Date if you finally want to make your poor mother happy for once!

Some dating tips for first date. Going to a pool hall to shoot a few rounds and get some drinks. Thought it might be kind of fun to make a few small, flirty bets over the games at Joker Gaming. Looking for some ideas that aren’t “hurr Durr winner gets a kiss” but not overly sexual, either. Something fun that can help escalate things a little-trying to get away from the first date interview that most of mine turn into and don’t become seconds.

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