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Jewish Cafe Review is your place to meet other Jewish singles. It offers an open and friendly environment that will remind you of a local coffee shop. It doesn’t matter what your Jewish heritage is or what level of religious practice you observe. You’ll find like-minded folks from all over to talk to. Some specialized sites don’t really tailor themselves to their specific audience. In this case, you don’t feel like this site is simply pressed out of a mold. There’s definitely a spirit of community here.

JewishCafe makes you complete quite an extensive profile. Mandatory fields cover a wide range of subjects, which helps guarantee that the profile quality remains high. You have to clearly describe your appearance, personality, hobbies and employment. It’s mostly dropdown menus, so despite there being lots of questions, it really doesn’t take too long to fill out and get done right the first time.

“I think if you actually took the time to complete the whole process you’d have one killer description.”

There are short optional essays you can complete. I must admit that I normally dislike short-answer areas on dating sites. Usually they are too corny and romantically cliché, but this site had some great write-ups to complete. I think if you actually took the time to complete the whole process you’d have one killer description. Any potential suitors should get a clear picture of who you are.

You get a 14-day free trial with full access when you first join. You can enjoy live chat, email and instant messaging. You can also send a limited number of emails daily without being charged, even after the free trail has ended. You can keep track of the new connections you make online by making your own personal directory of contacts under the “friends” section.

Matchmaking is sort of known as a Jewish specialty, so this site does have a quick match system. It will let your browse members who correspond well with your profile. It won’t send emails of matches to your offsite email though and I find that a minor drawback. More significant is the lack of visitors to this site. However, it wouldn’t be so bad if you could at least check out who’s in your local area and whether they’re active members. However, that’s another catch with this site.

There are no local searches, despite loads of free advanced search options. You can only search by broad regions within a country, such as state or province, and that’s really impractical. At least you can see when a member last visited the site right down to the hour. Besides, Jewish Cafe offers an excellent chance to completely try out its services before paying a dime, which means it’s great for both dating site veterans and first-timers.

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