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Jewish Mingle Review is obviously aimed toward the Jewish singles community. Since we last updated this site, it has made some minor changes in its design, which makes it slightly better than it was before. I initially complained not because it hadn’t tailored its interface to meet its members’ niche specifically enough, but because if you chose not to answer questions, such as whether you keep kosher, it would randomly default to whatever the first possible response was. That’s no longer the case.

For example, previously, if you didn’t respond to the question, it would automatically input “always” as your kosher observance. Now, you can choose a blank field from the dropdown menu and that question will simply not appear on your profile at all. I appreciate that you have a choice to decide to share only those characteristics about yourself that you find important, while not mentioning at all the preferences you deem less relevant.

“JewishMingle may miss the mark on tailoring its profile process to its intended audience but makes up for it with some great contact options.”

To further enhance your profile, there’s a personality test based on early life experiences if you want to get Freudian about your possible compatible matches. You can also answer a series of questions about whom you think would make a good match for you. Besides checking off boxes, you rate in order of importance which sections should count for more overall in comparison to others. For example, education might be more important than someone’s eye color.

Besides basic email, you can post a message on the forums, where subjects range from dating to news to current events. Both require a paid subscription. There are some free ways to show interest to fellow members. Flirt by sending a “smile” or choose a predefined message with a choice of e-cards for everything from Passover to Earth Day. There’s also a free instant messaging option for everyone.

Once you upgrade to a premium membership, besides the aforementioned email access, you’ll also enjoy live chat rooms. All these chances for making a connection with someone earn this site some considerable points in my books. JewishMingle may miss the mark on tailoring its profile process to its intended audience but makes up for it with some great contact options.

Membership is slightly less than many other sites, so you don’t have to invest much money to experience all the benefits of full membership. My advice would be to check out profiles before paying anything, because the quality of profiles seems to depend on your local area. Additionally, women seem more committed to completing their details and adding a photo than many of the male members do. Jewish Mingle does continue to lack popularity but offers a full range of services for a competitive price.

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