G Kiss Review

G Kiss Review

G Kiss is one of those sites that on the surface has a certain appeal, but when you actually get down to brass tacks, it just doesn’t live up to its potential as much as you’d like it to. For example, it has a well-designed interface without having that cookie-cutter experience that some professionally produced sites have. However, for the moment, its popularity is lacking and that holds it back a great deal.

I appreciate that when filling out a GKiss profile members have to provide enough information – both in mandatory dropdown menus and in required written essays – so that their description meets at least a minimum of quality. That’s further enhanced by the fact that there’s a screening process, so areas can’t simply be skipped by filling in random gibberish or the profile will be removed.

“One good thing is that paid G Kiss subscribers can initiate contact with nonpaying guests by email or instant messaging…”

Without paying, the search options are limited. They do improve with a premium upgrade, but your advanced search for local areas only narrows down from 100 miles to 50 miles. Meanwhile, the only other free option is age range. Nevertheless, you can view the full details, except the last login info, of each profile in your search results, such as what the other guy is looking for as well as a complete physical description and other personal characteristics.

One good thing is that paid G Kiss subscribers can initiate contact with nonpaying guests by email or instant messaging, because it’s always free to reply to fellow members. That bodes well for the trial visitors, too, since you can show interest or send a free icebreaker to encourage interaction from your end, even if you can’t send emails or start chatting without receiving a message from a paid contact first. There are also forums in which it’s free to post.

Other benefits of upgrading include daily gay news and dating tips. You can see who’s interested in you or who looked at your profile. Meanwhile, you can prevent others from seeing when you’ve looked at their profile and block undesirable members from your future search results. I already mentioned that you gain advanced search options and, as is standard, your profile will appear closer to the top in other guys’ search results.

One final point that counts in my mind as a negative is that until you pay the last login info is blocked when viewing profiles. That fact combined with the large radius when trying to do a local search definitely makes it difficult to decide whether is worth joining. It doesn’t get loads of traffic yet so it would prove useful to know how well represented your home base is before joining.

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