Korean Cupid Review

Korean Cupid Review

Korean Cupid is designed to bring together people from across the world with individuals from Korea. Obviously, it also reaches Koreans living abroad, as well as Koreans looking to meet each other. They do make the claim that their service is appropriate for all sorts of ends. You can choose dating, romance, friendship, pen pals and language exchange. From my point of view, though, after looking at some of the members’ profiles, there is definitely a leaning toward marriage as a goal. I would, in fact, guess that such a factor is part of its modest success, because in the end it doesn’t really get many visitors. is free to join, but I’ll point out something in its favor if you decide to pay. You will be able to contact any member you want to – it doesn’t matter if the other person has paid for a membership or not. In my opinion, that definitely increases your chances of success in meeting someone. It’s one of the basic things I look for and expect to get from any online dating site.

“You will be able to contact any member you want to – it doesn’t matter if the other person has paid for a membership or not.”

It sort of makes up for one thing that you won’t really find on the site. There are no truly local searches, because when you join you don’t have to give a zip or postal code. All is not lost though. After you do a basic search of a country and region, you can filter the results. Simply scroll below your primary search results and you should see a dropdown menu of cities to use to narrow down the profile list you’ll see. It’s not a perfect system, but it worked well in the test searches I did.

KoreanCupid has other typical features, such as onsite email and instant messaging. Chat rooms are open to paying members, but free subscribers can also join in them. They just need to have posted a profile photo as well as received and read at least one message from a paid member. If you opt for the higher priced of the two premium membership options, you can use video mail. You can also preview video introductions posted on other people’s profile.

Another special feature for the top-paying members is built-in translation software for their inbox. This feature works in some other areas of the site too. From what I’ve seen of it, the translations tend to be somewhat direct, but it would be the same if you used one of the many free translation websites on the Internet. I guess for some folks it would still be a handy aid in communication. Korean Cupid doesn’t reach many people, but its market is limited, so it does okay given that fact.

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