AFF Review Review is a great site if you want to do things on your own terms. This is truly an online dating platform that lets you decide who you wish to communicate with and who you wish to ignore.

The website is driven by the simple concept of being able to entertain, connect and engage singles. Even their services and products are designed in such a way that it keeps in touch with today’s technology and provides its members with an experience that is truly exhilarating. stands apart with the single fact that it provides its members with a vast range of communications products each designed for a specific use but all with a common goal which is to keep the singles on the site connected to each other at any point in time. These products are a combination of mobile and voice technologies. is far ahead of its competitors. The technology and their products already ensure that they are unparalleled. In addition to this their products and services are very clearly defined. All dating request fall into three broad categories of intimate encounters, relationship and dating. also has its own online magazine called ‘Click’. allows members to view each other’s photos and videos in order for them to decide on whether or not they are interested in each other. Once you have found someone that you might be interested in you can use the tools at to keep in touch and communicate with them.

Regions and Religions

You can find almost anyone on You will find
•    American singles
•    Canadian singles
•    Australian singles etc.

You can even choose your search by the community.


At you can choose the kind of relationship that you are looking for. You could be looking for a serious relationship or maybe even something that is very casual. Whatever it might be lets you make that choice and then shows you profiles accordingly. Whether you are a man, woman, lesbian, gay, has a relationship for you.


Members of have the privilege of using the exclusive tools that the site has to offer. Some of these are:

LavalifeVoice: An innovative way of recording your profile. This software also allows you to receive responses from other members.

LavalifeWeb: This tool was designed with the specific intention of enabling members to do profiling in depth and to allow them to use the facilities of an instant messenger.

LavalifePrime: This is a special networking site designed for all those members who are 45 years and above.

LavalifeMobile: Keeps members connected even when they are not online.

Membership is an all round free website to join. There are no membership fees and no hidden costs. You can email, reply, chat and flirt with members for free.

Unlike most other dating sites, allows all its free members access to parts of its site that contain videos and photos as well. You can even browse through the different communities at no cost at all.

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