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Lavalife Review- Where Singles Click


Offers three separate communities – Dating, Relationships, Intimate Encounters.
Intimate community is still pretty classy compared to other adult sites.
Create three profiles for the three different communities.
Free membership can reply to others who contact them. This is great, and only site I have seen that does this.
LavaLife by phone gives you the option of creating a LavaLife profile over the phone and finding other phone profiles.
Free Chatrooms, Forums, Dating Articles, and Advice.

Cons of Adult Dating Reviews

Site has a “learning curve” to figure out search options or community sections.
Can not turn off instant messenger so you might get distracted if you are trying to read profiles.
There is a large ratio of men to women on the site – not good odds for guys.

My Review

Lavalife strives to offer something different than any other dating sites giving you a three levels of communities you can create profiles for. This site is defiantly targeted to casual dater. Seeing how your profile only ask you a few questions like how your friends would describe you and what you want in a partner.

Find others in 3 separate communities!

Dating. Flirt, have fun and find dates
Relationship. Find romance – and maybe more
Intimate Encounters. Explore your wild side.


Once you become a member you are instantly able to search the site and you are able to respond to any member that emails you. So for women with a nice picture you might never have to pay a single cent, guys will be responding to you.
Lavalife has not been overrun by porn, or prostitution. When you click on a persons tab you see there profile and you see what turns them on, and what they are open to.
You can also create a backstage pass, which is a place you can setup hidden pictures that you have to allow or deny access to a members request.
Find like minded singles by age, location, religion, interests and more.
On Lavalife members can respond for free – that means more replies than any other subscription dating site!For as little as $29.99/month you can renew your dating life! Demographics Provided by Quantcast

Lava Life Demographics and Ratio of Men to Women

Lavalife: Where Singles Click! Along with the three main dating communities dating, relationships, and intimate encounters there are three other tabs called “Party”, “Entertainment”, and “Forums”.The “Party” tab is for chat-rooms you can access for free. The Entertainment section of the LaveLife website is filled with articles, Subscriber Comparison Chartadvice, and other amusements with a more adult sense of fun. The last tab is Forum where you can get all kinds of dating advice.

This site is focused on the dater who is looking for a little adventure or fun.

So I have to say that the intimate section of LavaLife is pretty PG compared to other adult dating sites which I think is a good thing. You don’t have to put up with crazy fetish’s or amateur porn. You can create a free profile which might be all your need with the right picture or you can sign up for a monthly subscription is $29.95

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Success Stories on Lava LifeAs I write this, I think back to the first time Amanda and I met. I had little expectations in meeting someone on Lavalife. Little did I know that I would be meeting the women that I would be marrying. We spoke a few times before our first date and the conversation was good and I was excited for our date. Five days after our first date, I knew she was the one. We moved in 4 months later and were engaged 6 months after that. I am the luckiest man in the world.

I have found the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. July 26th 2008 will be our wedding and truly an amazing day. I am marrying my best friend and I could no be happier. I want to thank Lavalife for making the opportunity of meeting the most wonderful woman in the world. Eric Ottawa, Ontario

Success Stories on Lava LifeOur story started Feb. 14, 2004 where two lonely people took a chance. Shawn was the first person to message me, and it only a few weeks of talking to realize we needed to meet. After we met, we knew somehow that this was meant to be. The timing was in Oct 2006, we were married and are now expecting our first child in Nov 2008. – Annapolis, Maryland, USA

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