LDS Mingle Review

LDS Mingle Review

LDS Mingle is a somewhat ambiguous name when you first stumble across it. There’s a local pharmaceutical testing facility with a very similar-sounding name, but obviously this site isn’t about experimental drugs at all. Once I discovered what the LDS actually stood for, my personal ignorance seemed obvious. It’s an acronym for Latter-day Saints or, in other words, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the past more commonly referred to as simply the Mormons.

Sometimes when you visit such a niche-specific site, it appears amateurish and really has no appeal beyond its specified target group. I can attest that this was far from the case with I was immediately struck by its fine presentation and sleek setup. It’s very hip and current, showing that a religious site can still stay in the loop with style while respecting its special grace and purpose.

“It’s very hip and current, showing that a religious site can still stay in the loop with style while respecting its special grace and purpose.”

Signing up is quick and easy, but covers key questions. Beyond the usual stuff about appearance, location and occupation, you’ll also be asked about your level of involvement in the church, for example, your temple status and mission. Being designed for LDS singles, its members are serious about starting long-term relationships. According to testimonials from satisfied former members, many folks have married after meeting through its services.

Once you’re done joining for free, you can start to browse the other members’ profiles and photo galleries. When you see a subscriber to whom you take a fancy you can send him/her a smile or even an e-card. You can also receive either of the same for free to your own account. The purpose of upgrading your membership is to allow you to take that initial contact to the crucial next step of full communication.

The biggest drawback to LDSMingle is the fact that to interact with other members through email, both parties need to upgrade their accounts. You can’t even read an email received from a premium member without upgrading your own account first. Still, having to spend a bit of money can show that someone is sincerely interested. You also need to pay before you can post on the site’s message boards or participate in the chat rooms.

You can at least get a good idea of how many folks have joined the site from your local area because advanced searches are free. You can search within 10 miles of your home. You’ll see the last login date and all of the profile details if you click any of your search results and you can even view all available photos. Finally, the best thing about LDS Mingle is that it’s very reasonably priced, so at least upgrading your account doesn’t cost much.

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