Lesbian Personals Review

Lesbian Personals Review

Lesbian Personals is obviously meant to have a rather specific audience. All the same, it borrows heavily from other adult dating sites belonging to the same company. To be blunt, you’ll notice a few things that you wouldn’t expect from a same-sex dating site. Just try browsing profiles randomly. You may see profiles from women who are interested in meeting men, not other females, but you can filter results to avoid it. Still, that’s not normally a necessary step on a lesbian dating site.

When you sign up for a free membership, your options are clear, focusing on someone of the same gender for the most part. Still, you can meet a single woman, a lesbian couple, a straight couple, or a nonspecific gender group. I must admit (as implied in my intro), that there is a certain adult-dating aspect to Lesbian Personals, which is unusual when the target is an all-female population.

“Adding to user-submitted sections of the site, such as blogs, message boards and the online magazine, can also give you free access.”

Creating a free profile is easy enough. You need to include very few details about yourself, although a freeform description of what type and with who you’re looking to share a relationship is also required. You’ll find out soon enough that many individuals probably do not feel the need to complete all of the fields. At any rate, you’ll always have some personalized info about each member from their written essay.

Once your free profile is approved, you can take part in chat rooms and send instant messages. Strangely enough, when it comes to email, only premium members paying an extra fee can receive replies from free members. Worse yet, you cannot view most full profiles before upgrading. Select folks may earn limited access to paid services, though, that can be based on the popularity of their profiles. Adding to user-submitted sections of the site, such as blogs, message boards and the online magazine, can also give you free access.

Speaking of which, all of these special sections seem to be open to plenty of male input and many married men show up in discussions. Sure, they are polite and respectful enough, but I’m not sure that all gay women would feel comfortable with them hanging around. Perhaps they might just find their participation in the site less relevant than completely off-putting.

In the end, what it comes down to isn’t just a mere question of personal preferences. It’s really about how popular the site is in general and holds limited attraction for a modest number of visitors.

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