Lonely Wife Hookup Review

Lonely Wife Hookup Review

Lonely Wife Hookup is supposedly the answer for married women who feel as if the spark has gone out of their love lives. It will also, of course, hold appeal for gentlemen who want to keep such ladies company. I’m not sure whether you can really expect to get your groove back or restore that in another person, but this site sure would like to make you believe that either option is only a few clicks away.

The number of clicks is truly few when it comes to setting up a profile on LonelyWifeHookup. You really don’t need to provide any info at all other than a valid email address. That may, of course, mean that there are plenty of profiles that don’t offer many details. However, it’s hard to tell, because until you upgrade you won’t be able to see any complete profiles, only a person’s age, partner preference and a couple of sentences of the free-form description.

“Lonely Wife Hookup is supposedly the answer for married women who feel as if the spark has gone out of their love lives.”

You also won’t see the last login info, so you might be wondering just what you’ll see before you pay. Well, if you live in the US or Canada, you can do local searches by zip or postal code. If you live in the UK or elsewhere, you’re out of luck when it comes to localized search results. You can only search by country and there is no filter for regions, for the most part. At least you will find the UK divided into England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

That’s it for things you can access for free. Everything else, including replying to instant messages or emails, requires paying for a membership. Even things like forums and personal blogs require you to upgrade. What’s more is that you may have to pay for the more expensive of the two membership options to access some features. For example, video chat and viewing members’ videos or the bonus XXX movies require you pay the top premium.

I should also mention that I got responses that seemed a bit suspect considering how briefly I’d been a member and how little info I gave without even posting a pic. It’s a common complaint we see about these kinds of sites, so it’s always worth giving you a head’s up.

The one thing that seems to be working in its favor is the large numbers of visitors. It must be heavily promoted in some way and, of course, I told you how lickety-split you can sign up to check things out. However, without much of a free preview it’s hard to recommend. Lonely Wife Hookup is rather pointless unless you pay.

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