U Lust Review

U Lust Review

U Lust is a sex dating site that seems to be rather popular. It offers the standard full range of dating services plus a little bit extra, or should I spell it eXXXtra, to make it a one-stop shop for both real encounters and those of pure fantasy. If I had to come up with one thing that sets it apart from its major competitors, I couldn’t. All I can say is that is brings you what most other sites offer. The only catch is that, for the most part, you have to pay to play.

The signup process on is as quick as can be. It literally shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to get access to the site. You only need to create a username and password and choose your gender, with the option of choosing “couple” or “lesbian” instead of simply male or female. Then you choose whom you want to meet using the same options. Finally, you can choose what sort of connection you want to make, such as dating, friendship, sex, swingers, orgasms and fetish.

“U Lust is popular, but unless you’re willing to pay from the start, you won’t have access to anything but free basic searches.”

You can do free local searches using a US zip or Canadian postal code. There is no such option for those living in the UK or elsewhere and they have no way of narrowing down general results to a specific region or city. You can browse by country as well, but only the United States is further broken down by state. The other issue is that in your search results, you can only see a person’s location and a few lines of his or her written intro. There is no last login date.

There are forums, instant messaging and groups you can join. However, you have to upgrade to see any of these areas of ULust as well as if you want to reply to messages. There is also video chat, but that not only requires upgrading, it also means you have to pay for the more expensive of the two membership options. The same is true if you want to see member-submitted movies or bonus erotic flicks. You even have to pay the top price for personal blogs and private photos.

It’s only a few dollars more, but it takes the price from competitive to a bit pricy. They do have one of those “you’ll get laid in 90 days” guarantees, but other than saying you’ll get another 30 days free, no further details are given. U Lust is popular, but unless you’re willing to pay from the start, you won’t have access to anything but free basic searches.

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