I Need a Man 911 Review

I Need a Man 911 Review

I Need A Man 911 is a dating site for gay and bisexual males with an eye toward casual hookups. That’s not to say that the urgency implied by the emergency number at the end of the name precludes people from joining for other reasons. However, it’s just to explain what most folks on the site are looking for, it would seem. For now, the site lacks traffic. Let me explain why that might be the case in my opinion.

Little is free on the site. Instead, it has opted to offer a highly competitive monthly price. I’m not sure about the marketing prowess behind such a plan. It’s as if you’re expected to upgrade before really knowing what has to offer. For instance, basic searches are limited to entire countries and only a few select cities. You can also search by state.

“There are no message boards on INeedAMan911, but for paid subscribers there is live chat and instant messaging.”

That can make it difficult to get a clear picture of how many members live near you. Rather, it depends on where you live. If you click on the link for advanced searches, the site immediately informs you that you need to upgrade. I couldn’t find any info on what extra options are included in the upgraded search engine, though.

You won’t get to see any members’ details beyond an extremely brief summary description and a small thumbnail image. It’s unclear – or at least unstated – if upgrading allows you to see pertinent details such as last login date. Obviously, you can see profile details and all of the person’s posted pics.

There are no message boards on INeedAMan911, but for paid subscribers there is live chat and instant messaging. You can also send and receive five emails per day before upgrading. In other words, technically, there are some free contact opportunities. Again, there did seem to be limited information on some of the features before being prompted to upgrade.

Other extra features include such things as the ability to create a secondary profile in another country or city to which you plan to travel. That way you can make connections with locals while away from home. Paid subscribers can update their profiles as often as they like. Before paying, you can only make changes once a month. Upgraded members can also keep track of the profiles that they find the hottest. They can add them into something called their private “man file.”

I Need A Man 911 really needs to give more free access options to attract more new members. That might help to boost its low popularity.

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