AFF Review Review is one of the busiest sites on the Internet. You can chalk that up to any number of things. It has a great domain name. Its interface is reliable and user-friendly. It got an early start in the dating game circa 1995. It has a huge marketing budget. Just about everyone has heard about it in some way or another. The fact that this site is so popular and has so many members means you probably would like to know what all the fuss is about beyond the facts already covered.

Scoring perfect marks for popularity isn’t an easy task. You have to have a killer brand and Match qualifies for that. The amount of members is the most important of all the criteria we use to determine a quality singles site and we take our hat off to Match for what it has accomplished. After all, when the people have spoken, what greater things can be said? For this reason alone, Match com is a singles site worth looking at.

“The amount of members is the most important of all the criteria we use… and we take our hat off to Match for what it has accomplished.”

Free access is limited, but some basics are included. You can narrow down searches to within a mile of your location. You can see any member’s full profile, including the last time he or she signed into the site. Combine these features and you’ll see that Match isn’t afraid to give you an accurate idea of which members are available to you. The site goes even further by allowing you to search by keywords. This is helpful if you’re searching for someone who shares a specific interest and, let’s face it, shared passions are often essential to strong relationships.

The biggest strike against Match is that it doesn’t allow free replies to emails. You can understand it from a business standpoint. All the same, other dating sites out there allow connections to be made just as long as one of the parties is paying for it. You can view this as a plus in that it may weed out some undesirables. My philosophy is “the more, the merrier” when it comes to online dating, but, hey, this is we’re talking about. We already know that it has “the more” part covered.

The mainstay of the site is its matchmaking software. It is indeed the site’s only special feature. You fill out a rather extensive questionnaire to help match you up to your ideal partner. Otherwise, there is instant messaging, but no chat rooms. The site also seems to have done away with its online magazine and has also raised its price by about 30 percent. It is definitely a high-end site at this point. is a pricey proposition, but its popularity makes it a worthwhile expense.

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