Matchmaker Review – Popular & Functional

Matchmaker Review – Popular & Functional


  • Creates geographic communities so you are not bothered with people in different states.
  • Simple yet powerful navigation and search options makes it easy to use.
  • Many reviews say that after trying many different dating sites they are happiest with Matchmaker


  • Web site seems a little basic and dull.
  • Site attracts older singles above 35 years old.
  • has less features than other more popular sites.

I like the simplicity of, they don’t overload you with a plethora of search options or compatibility test that you don’t need. This site is simple and functional.


  • MatchMaker gives you simple and yet very functional search options. You can search for who’s online now, check for who’s new in your area, you can also limit the search to a geographic radius, and age group.
  • Speaking of the search, I feel it to be one of the most powerful searches for dating sites today. Simply because it displays your search options in order of the time they last logged on.
  • They will show the people that last logged on in the last 24 hours first and the people that have not logged in, in over 3 months last. This is a valuable feature helping you weed out people that may not be interested quicker.
  • The profile is a breeze to set up asking some general questions like; What would people find interesting about you, do you have pets, what kind of relationship are you looking for. But if you want you can skip most of the questions and go straight to browsing.

This site seems to attract more mature adults between the ages of 35 – 54+ but you can find some younger aged people on the site as well, and the site is pretty equal in ratio to men and women being almost the same. Like I did a search for men 25 miles from where I live between the ages of 21-27 and got 134 results of with some attractive men. So I was impressed with the quality of men on the site. Demographics Provided by Quantcast
matchmaker-demographics Matchmaker Review - Popular & Functional

THE LOWDOWN: is one of my favorite dating sites. It is easy to navigate, reasonably priced, the search features are very functional, and the profile creation is simple but gives you a good feel for the person. You can sign up for a free profile which gives you option to search and show interest in profiles. But with a paying subscription you can use all the features like Email, Instant Messaging, Chat Room, Audio and Video messaging.

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