Mexican Cupid Review

Mexican Cupid Review

Mexican Cupid calls itself “The International Mexican Dating Site.” That seems true. The first tipoff that it would be headed in that direction is the lack of zip or postal code searches. You’re not going to easily find someone who lives just down the street. Your results will always cover a broader radius. All the same, you can narrow down basic results from a country and state or province by a few select cities. Beyond that, there are some built-in translation features. They make cross-cultural conversations slightly easier.

A profile on MexicanCupid requires giving some info about your location. There are dropdowns for country and state or province. You are prompted to also select a city depending on where you live. The lists for the US, Canada and the UK are extensive. Mexican cities are quite well represented too. Your fluency in English and Spanish are asked. Finally, you must answer if you would or wouldn’t relocate for someone.

“Mexican Cupid isn’t super popular, but it attracts enough visitors to give it the potential to be worthwhile.”

Replying to instant messages or emails is free. To initiate messages or to participate in chat rooms, you need to pay. There are a couple of points to take into consideration when deciding what level of membership to buy. The more expensive one lets you do more. You can see video introductions from other members and it will give you the benefit of automatic translation of messages, both received and sent.

You’ll find several translation examples. Just look among the Spanish language profiles. They’re rather basic and tend to be literal translations that appear software-based. They present all the normal limitations you’d encounter with such simplified translations. Some might decide that it’s worth it. It can be convenient to have the translation software built right into your inbox. You’ll find similar free translation services online anyway. They’re sometimes not as good as the one on this site is though. has free links to travel planning information. Do you need just a passport or a visa to gain foreign entry? What sort of health insurance should you buy? Should you be concerned about personal safety? What’s the best way to deal with money issues while abroad? The info isn’t limited to just Mexico. There is a section of dating safety tips specifically targeted toward women. Again, these are mostly free links. However, they’re organized in a user-friendly manner.

We all know that what wins out in the end as being most important about any dating site is whether anyone actually visits it or not. That definitely is what makes this site slightly more appealing. Mexican Cupid isn’t super popular, but it attracts enough visitors to give it the potential to be worthwhile. Maybe it could work for you.

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