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Military Date Review is an online dating service designed to help members from all branches of the military meet. Some sites seem to have way too many bells and whistles to truly qualify as easy to use. In the past the site took simplicity to a level well beyond user-friendly to the point of being too basic to be effective. I had never seen such an overly simplified design before.

I guess someone read my review or listened to their members, because things have changed for the better on MilitaryDate. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a new site by any stretch. However, it’s not quite so barebones anymore. It’s still as simple as simple can be, but it’s more useful than before, no ifs, ands or buts.

“…Military Date seems to have a decent ratio of male to female members, which is sometimes hard to find on any site regardless of its target market.”

Few details are needed to fill in your profile. Simply choose your military post or civilian status from a dropdown menu. Select your marital status and if you drink alcohol or smoke. Beyond that, an essay of at least 75 characters must be written.

Before, I thought that not enough info was asked or even allowed to be given. However, location is no longer limited to your closeness to a military base. Now you can pick from a list of nonmilitary cities, which means you can search by select cities in several countries.

There’s an option to see only members with pictures. Only basic details (like smoking and drinking habits as well as age) are asked of new members. However, they’ve added advanced search options that include optional fields members can complete. They’ve also revamped the results page to include the few opening lines of personal essays.

There’s only one way to contact people – through email – and only paid members can use it. It isn’t clearly stated whether or not you can read email received from paying subscribers. All the same, it seems obvious that to reply you’d need to upgrade your account. There’s still no chat or instant messaging, but they have added blogs and message boards.

Another positive thing I can say is that after a cursory browse through the profiles, Military Date seems to have a decent ratio of male to female members, which is sometimes hard to find on any site regardless of its target market. Plus, membership is affordable.

Before, I couldn’t really recommend Military Date because I proved that simpler wasn’t better. However, besides adding new features, it has also picked up a modest number of visitors. The site remains simple, but doesn’t seem overly simple.

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