Military Love Links Review

Military Love Links Review

Military Love Links had an uphill battle to fight as far as its popularity was concerned. It seems as if it has made at least some headway in that department. They may have won the short-term battle but not the long-term war. However, for now, they’ve established a decent stronghold in their somewhat specialized niche. In fact, to be fair, they would pass muster even up against some of the more general online dating sites.

MilitaryLoveLinks does have a bit of a cookie-cutter feel to it. Its profile process really hasn’t been tailored to those brave men and women serving their country. Other online military personals have more dropdown options, they cover the branch of the armed forces to which members belong, and they ask info regarding where a member is stationed. Sure, you could include that info in the freeform write-ups. However, the site’s lack of keyword search options puts the value of that effort in peril.

“Military Love Links has rallied enough support to make it a stronger market force than it was in the past.”

That brings me to the most crucial flaw on There is no ability to perform truly localized searches. You can limit results to a country, state or province, and a few select cities. And you have to do a basic search by country and region before the city option appears. Ideally, they should allow zip and postal code proximity searches or even name some military bases instead of just major cities. Advanced options focus on details other than location.

On a more positive note, there are plenty of contact options. Paying members have access to live chat rooms. There’s instant messaging and email. It’s always free to reply to messages. It’s worth mentioning, because that improves your chances of meeting someone else online. The most expensive level of membership allows you to add a video introduction onto your profile. You can view those belonging to other members and exchange video emails, too.

There aren’t any message boards or forums, though. That’s takes away from the sense of community a bit. You might otherwise expect more group interaction from such a specialized site. You can check who else is online at the same time as you. You can read some online dating safety info. There are some third-party services to send flowers or to use to find out about making travel arrangements.

Overall, the site seems to be geared to people living farther apart rather than in close proximity. A site’s greatest strength can be completely hampered by its weaknesses. In the end, this site seems to have found a good plan of action, though, despite some minor faults. Military Love Links has rallied enough support to make it a stronger market force than it was in the past.

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