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Military Singles Connection Review has a special purpose. Being in the military requires a great deal of sacrifice and a firm commitment to your cause. It can mean many days apart from your family and friends. You may be stationed a long way from home or maybe even have your life placed in immediate danger. It takes a special kind of individual to marry or even date someone under such extraordinary circumstances.

Military Singles Connection aims to bring military men and women together. It also reaches civilians who feel a special respect or attraction for those brave enough to serve their country. All branches of the armed forces are represented on this site. Most members are American, but many other countries are listed. I didn’t see an easy way to search someone with an overseas posting though.

“If you complete details about what sort of partner you’d like to meet you can use it to take advantage of the site’s matchmaking system.”

Creating a profile is quick and easy. That’s because many details asked can be skipped over. Almost no importance is placed upon the actual theme of meeting people in the military though. Many members give no indication of belonging to any branch of the armed forces and few folks even mention wanting to meet someone with a military background.

Still, many individuals have taken the time to fill out all the optional info about who they are and who they want to meet. You can also take a personality test. The results will color-code your profile based on the results. If you complete details about what sort of partner you’d like to meet you can use it to take advantage of the site’s matchmaking system.

What’s great about their “ideal match” system is that it isn’t simply a list of criteria. It also allows you to rank your responses in order of importance. For example, things like someone’s eye color might be less important to you. Whether a person wants a family or not might be a deal-breaker though. The system will then email you possible matches.

Before upgrading, you can send “a smile” or an e-card to show interest in another member. There‚Äôs also no charge for reading the message boards. That might help you decide if the group of subscribers overall is interesting to you. To send and receive emails, post on the message boards, chat live, or use instant messaging you must upgrade to a paid subscription.

Both parties having to pay to connect might explain the site’s limited visitors. All the same, its niche is special too, so that could also explain the low numbers. At least the cost to join is less than what a lot of sites charge, almost half of some sites’ monthly fees in fact. Military Singles Connection is an inexpensive choice for military folks and their civilian admirers.

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