Muslima Review

Muslima Review

Muslima is a dating site for Muslims looking to marry. The emphasis is on international connections. It’s less geared toward meeting someone on a local level, but that depends partially on where you live. We’ll go into the details of what I mean later. At any rate, a somewhat modest number of people visit the site, but at least their limited numbers seem to remain consistent over time.

Free sign up to matches the standard procedure of most sites. You can accurately describe your religious beliefs by choosing from several dropdown options. You are required to fill out the entire first page in the profile process, which gives members a rather complete picture of you. They’ll get a good idea of your physical appearance and get to know about other pertinent personal details.

“Another important factor that counts in the site’s favor is that you can communicate with free members when you upgrade.”

There is no zip or postal code search option, but after you do a basic search by country and province or state, you can further filter your results by select cities. You can find the city you want from a dropdown menu. It helps if your hometown is a well-known place. At least, you can always see last login dates. You might have to work a bit to find someone near you, but you’ll know whether the profile is recently active or not.

It’s free to reply to emails. It’s the same with instant messages. You must upgrade to a paid membership to initiate contact with other members, though. Premium subscribers on Muslima also have access to chat rooms. Pay a little more for the highest-level membership to access video introductions. You’ll also be able to use voice messaging, and a built-in translation button will be activated on your onsite inbox that lets you send and receive translated text. Obviously, only some languages are supported.

There is a free section on matrimonial advice. I almost overlooked it, because it was labeled as info about safe dating. It’s actually a guide to planning international marriages and has advice on obtaining visas, marriage licenses and more. There are also links to pertinent details on various government offices around the world. I find it a thoughtful extra. However, it is only a starting point to finding out the information you need.

What is perhaps most important for any online dating site is the number of visitors it attracts to its pages, and this site has modest success on that count. Another important factor that counts in the site’s favor is that you can communicate with free members when you upgrade. I think that given both of these facts, the site does show some chances of you finding someone special. Muslima offers a real chance to meet your soul mate.

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