OK Cupid Review – Completely Free Dating

OK Cupid Review – Completely Free Dating


  • Absolutely 100% free!
  • Dating 2.0 breaking the mold in dating sites and providing innovative features and quizzes.
  • Attracts a younger crowd between the ages of 20-30.
  • Tons of personality quizzes that are fun to take and help you find a great match.
  • Able to be integrated with your Facebook profile.


  • Attracts a younger crowd.
  • Personality quiz was not as accurate as I would have liked.
  • Site not the best for serious relationships, best for casual relationships.

OkCupid is one of my favorite online dating sites and the best part is, its completely free! OKCupid is the next generation in dating providing quality features with free dating, what more could you ask for.

The site has some really innovative features you wouldn’t expect breaking the mold for typical dating sites.

  • One the best features of the site are the unlimited quizzes you can take. The quizzes aren’t typical for dating site asking you some off the wall questions like “How many people you have kissed?” or “If you had to choose between you dieting or 10,000 people, who would you choose?” and the more quizzes you take the more specific your matches become.
  • I also like the picture personality profiles on OKCupid. When you click on a profile you will see a series of icons under there picture. The icons will describe the person’s personality with a picture describing that personality trait, like a elephant for a Republican. It is a fun way to easily get a sense of a person’s personality.
  • You also can compare the person’s quiz results to yours by clicking on “Test Taken” and OKCupid will tell you if they think you are a good match.
  • This site is an anything goes kind of site, with vulgar language spread around the site, and the option to set the relationship you are looking for to casual, long term, sex partner, and others.
  • There is also a variety of search options for a multitude of different people from guys looking for bi’s, girls, guys and vice versa for girls. There are other search options as well like searching for the newest or most active profiles, searching by location, or by match.
  • OKCupid also gives you the option of integrating your dating profile with your Facebook profile and letting others view your quizzes, which is a cool feature no other site has done so far.

I didn’t think the personality profile that you take was extremely accurate, it was sort of right but it described me as a “The Peach”. A Random Gentle Love Master (RGLM) – Playful, kind, and well-loved, you are The Peach. It says that I am a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, which isn’t really me at all. But they do give you the option to retake the test.

There are tons of quizzes out there that both the staff of OKCupid and members of OKCupid have created. Some of the test seem to remind me of the back of a Seventeen magazine and that is probably why this site attracts a much younger crowd than other sites. So if you are in your 30’s and looking for a more mature relationship you might want to try a different site.

I have to say that this site is a winner. I would definitely recommend anyone trying this site out although it seems that most of the site is of a younger caucasian bias but nonetheless a very fun, useful, and absolutely FREE dating site to use.

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