AFF Review Review is an online dating service. As the name implies, it is geared toward single men and women over the age of 40. offers mature singles an opportunity to meet. Its screening process assures that there is a quality pool of singles from which to choose. Over40Matching is extremely selective. Its members are professional people that are intelligent and attractive.

The questions and screening process is rather intense. The typical information is requested such as marital status, gender, hair color, eye color, body shape, number of children, smoking status, date of birth, zip code, user name, password, email address, education, religion and whether you want to date someone with children. There were some unusual questions.  For example, the income question required a certain amount.  Many sites will allow the member to give an answer of “Rather Not Say”. That is not an option with  It also asks for your full address, including your street address, as well as your work and home phone number. Many would not want to give their work phone number to a representative of an online dating service. It is stated that a representative will call and to give the best time to contact you.

Further, the questioning became like a visit to the psychiatrist’s office as they unraveled the reason why you were still single. For example, one question asked the status of your social situation. Some of the answer choices included safety concerns, “I am tired of people playing games” and “I don’t like the bar scene”. asks the user to describe the ways they have used to meet people such as friends, bars, social groups, etc.  They asked the user to select among the traits listed that is considered important in a potential date and they asked the user to list 3 things that were negatives and would cause you not to date a person. An additional question that is uncomfortable is that asks you to tell them the reason that your past relationship failed.  The choices range from infidelity to different religions. They finished with your comfort level in discussing your dating situation with a representative.


It is difficult to obtain information about the regions being served. It can only be assumed that it serves countries around the world, including the United States.


The relationships fostered through the use of ranges from casual dating/friendship, steady/long term relationship and marriage. The traditional choices of relationships of male seeking female and female seeking male are the only choices available. Gay or lesbian relationships are not an option with this website.


Since does not have a free membership, the features cannot be detailed. It can only be assumed that they have the typical features of an online dating service such as email, block member feature, chat rooms and photo uploads.

Membership does not post its membership costs on its website. Once approved, the price of the membership(s) will be disclosed. It does not appear that there is a free membership with this online service.

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