Perfect Match Review – Duet Total Compatability®

Perfect Match Review – Duet Total Compatability®


  • Strong Emphasis on personality compatibility above all else.
  • Free Duet Compatibility Profile – Matches the “whole” you; your personality, your preferences, values, and lifestyle.
  • Advanced Search Options and Tools.
  • Smutbot Technology – Aggressively screens out inappropriate adult content.
  • Allows you to search through database unlike other similar dating services.
  • Dr. Schwartz developed the Duet System using over 30 years of research and knowledge on relationships and dating.

Save $79.00 with a 3-month subscription at!


  • Navigation was a bit clumsy when trying to email people.
  • Dating Pool that match your personality might be small if you don’t live in a large city.
  • Personality Test seemed a little predictable even though it is suppose to be innovative. is in direct competition with EHarmony and All these sites have seasoned specialist and innovative match-making technology. So how does compare? Perfect match is the winner in my books, they provide search options along with suggested matches. They take the guess work out of finding true love, there compatibility systems works. 

Perfect Match developed Duet®, an exclusive Total Compatibility System, with leading relationship authority Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Duet® is the result of over 30 years of scientific research. This unique system is grounded in a serious exploration of the characteristics that lead to successful relationships.Duet® is proven to be more effective than any relationship tool on the Web. By identifying your traits, we determine your romantic compatibility type and suggest ideal matches for you. And unlike the eHarmony® experience, you’re free to accept those matches or do your own search based on any criteria you choose.

  • Along with PerfectMatch sending you matches to your in box every week you are also able to search for people on the site. This is something Eharmony doesn’t allow you to do.
  • Send them a “icebreaker” which is a collection of multiple-choice questions for someone who interests you, or you may send an email.
  • The personality test is extensive and accurate.

The personality test divides you into four different categories and you can either be one option or the complete opposite.

  1. Romantic Impulsivity: Risk Taker/Risk Averse
  2. Personal Energy: Relaxed/High Energy
  3. Outlook: Optimistic/Cautious
  4. Predictability: Variety/Seeks Predictability

When I took the Duet Compatibility Test I was surprised with the accurate results.  I turned out to be a XBOV – Risk Averse, Relaxed, Optimistic, and Seeks Variety. It might not make a lot sense now but once you take the test you might be be surprised at the accuracy, I know I was!


Perfect match is the perfect fit for men and women desiring to find true love. When you are looking for a lifetime partner you can connect on multiple levels with than you should turn to Perfect Match. They are a top pick for me. Perfect Match has a special offer going on “buy 2 months and get 2 months free”, which is a awesome deal that comes out to 25$ a month.

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Javier & Leisha
Engaged and will be married July 12, 2007
“We believe in commitment and love. We look forward to a lifetime of happiness. Thank you Perfectmatch!”
I’ve been through the dating scene longer than I ever wanted, or thought possible. I’m a school teacher. I didn’t join until my mom called me to tell me Dr. Schwartz was on The Dr. Phil Show. My parents adore Dr. Phil. Mom told me I could join for free for the first three months, had great success rates and Dr. Phil highly recommended them. I began corresponding with one man, whose profile I enjoyed. He was in the military and I swore I would never date a military man. We met at the end of April this year. Afterwards, we found we were both ready for marriage. We have had some marvelous times together, and we look forward to a lifetime of them. We both recommend to our friends, and even those who we don’t know well. We are truly grateful! ~ Leisha


Patrice & Ed
Getting married November 18, 2007
“Perfectmatch had provided a very balanced start to our relationship.”
Well it goes like this: I signed up to Perfectmatch and after about one month I found a beautiful lady in one of my local area searches and emailed her with a nice little note in which must have really liked because she sent me back a very sweet reply. After chatting with her for a very short time it was obvious to both of us that Perfectmatch had provided a very balanced start to our relationship. We had a very romantic first date and discovered shortly after how much more we had in common than what we initially thought in our previous conversations. We have been dating for a long time now and see each other almost everyday and have truly fallen in love thanks to I am more than confident that Patrice and I will have a wonderful life together and will have many more great things to share with Perfectmatch. If you are looking for an easy way to meet some one who has a lot of things in common with you then your chances are very, very good with this service! We want to thank for all their help and the outstanding Duet compatibility features and hope that everyone else that uses Perfectmatch is as lucky as we have been. ~ Ed

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