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Perfect Match Review takes the gloves off in statements against the competition. It claims to be better than eHarmony and gives some compelling arguments as to why. I agree with some of what’s proclaimed as better. I’m not, however, completely convinced of its total superiority to the competition. It just seems different – no better, no worse.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is the brains behind this dating experience. She’s always referred to by her full title on the site, and she provides input. Dr. Neil Clark Warren has little interaction with members on his infamous eHarmony site. Despite Neil’s name being longer and more serious sounding, he appears merely a figurehead.

“One benefit of this site over its competition is the ability to search profiles yourself.”

Not so for Pepper. You can follow links to the doc’s online TV and radio interviews, read her regular column, “Ask Dr. Pepper Schwartz,” which is exclusive to the site, and her personality tests are part of the basis for the site’s hallmark matchmaking system.

In my humble option, compatibility-based matching systems are often pop psychology mumble-jumble. Not all of them are lame, though. All the same, the site’s test results were complicated. Some were poorly explained, and many contradictory things were stated. I don’t just mean counterintuitive stuff either. They truly seemed off the mark.

I found the PerfectMatch test hardly subtle. The intention of most questions was blatantly evident, and the purpose of various sections was quite plainly labeled. I could easily have fudged my answers or tried to fill in what I imagined was ideal. Then again, I was somewhat baffled by the results. Maybe its transparency was a ruse.

At any rate, it was abundantly clear how matches were picked when they were presented to me. It was based on the other person’s ability to tolerate my most blatant flaws. I found that eHarmony’s questionnaire was worded more subtly. Its formula for making matches was never obvious to me.

One benefit of this site over its competition is the ability to search profiles yourself. You don’t have to rely solely on search results based on the compatibility test alone. I waited a couple of weeks before receiving any matches from eHarmony. This site lets me check out a limited number of other members for free.

Comparing Perfect Match to eHarmony, I have to say Perfect Match has more options for its members. It provides a fuller online experience and lets you make some choices that eHarmony insists it can make for you, better than you can for yourself. However, any contact is going to require a premium subscription. At almost $60 US for one month, it’s a pricey proposition.

Visit Perfect Match if you want to try another “unique” compatibility system.

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