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Dating has gone beyond the usual ritual of asking someone out and having dinner which can go on for months. The interactive world has offered ways of finding a perfect match for a particular person in the most innovative and most creative ways. There are more chances in finding one perfect match online with other millions of people also searching for the one perfect match.

The films Must Love Dogs, Failure to Launch, Superman Returns have featured the services of an online dating site which made it even more popular as an online dating site. PerfectMatch as an online dating site has recorded a very high customer satisfaction, flexible process and more comprehensive features.

Perfectmatch utilizes an innovative software program to work in matching couples. It combines the results of Duet Compatibility System, elements of your personal profile, DealBreakers and provides you with highly compatible matches. prides itself with this tool known as the Duet Compatibility System which was created to suit the preferences of the relationship-oriented adult. It is based upon an academic research conducted by the leading relationship expert Dr Pepper Schwartz. The system considers the “whole you” and determines your unique compatibility type to find your perfect match.

Compared to other matchmaking systems or personality tests, Duet analyzes and matches individuals who share not just the similar but the complementary traits as well.


Perfect Match has a listing for various countries like the following:

• United States
• Canada
• United Kingdom
• Australia
• more

RELATIONSHIP aims to provide anyone who longs to find a long-lasting relationship no matter the sexual preference. Members must be single, widowed, or divorced. Legally separated adults are not eligible for membership until the divorce is finalized. Perfect match focuses on the following:

• Heterosexual
• Lesbian
• Gay

These individuals are specifically twenty-five years old and above only.


The basic features of the site are as follows:

• Viewing & Communication Tools
• Profile
• Private Mail

The more sophisticated features are the following:

• Duet Test – by far the core feature of the site with each page impacting on elements like:
1. Romantic Risk
2. Intensity and Pace
3. Outlook On Life
4. Predictability or Variety
5. Flexibility
6. Power Nature
7. Temperament
8. Emotional Substance

• Similarity Test results – are Personality Types that are similar to your type
• Complementary Test Results – are Personality types that complement your type
• Compatibility Search- lets you search for matches that complement or are similar to your personality
• Keyword Search – enables you to search members’ profiles which contain a certain phrase, description or screen name
• Quick Search – lets members search by gender, age, and location
• Custom Search – allows multiple criteria with which you can create a search


Perfect match has Free membership registration for everyone. The Duet Compatibility Profile is charged at $50.00. There are no offer trial period subscriptions.

You may choose from any of the following subscription membership plans:

Subscription Plans

• One Month Subscription for $59.95
• Two Month Subscription for $79.90
• Three Month Subscription for $110.85
• Six Month Subscription for $173.70

To guarantee uninterrupted premium service subscriptions may be auto renewed. Renewal pricing is as follows:

Subscription Plans and their corresponding renewal rate are as follows:

• One Month Subscription which is the same as the initial payment
• Two Month Subscription for $29.95 per month
• Three Month Subscription for $29.95 per month
• Four Month Subscription for $29.95 per month
• Six Month Subscription for $24.95 per month

Other also offers the Pepper Guide by Dr. Pepper Schwartz where you can find personalized advice about relationships and situations which may help solve your own predicament.

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