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Out Personals Review, like most gay online dating sites, seems to have an unfair advantage. Its services are rather comprehensive. Somehow niche sites know that they need to be bigger, better and bolder. That’s what it takes to compete with their more general market competitors. As is so often the case with all specialized dating sites, this one is like joining a whole community. It’s not just some place to look for a date or a hookup.

Unlike other similar services, this one targets gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals, but not lesbians. It requires you to upgrade for a minimum three-month period. What that means is that when the price is broken down by month, it’s quite affordable. However, our price score is based on what your initial payment will need to be. That’s why it scores a bit low on that front.

“Out Personals is one of the top dating sites in its niche, so it’s well worth checking out.”

You can browse for members in your local area, but you can only see a few full profiles. Some premium members have paid extra to grant all-level access to their profiles. All the same, if you write a great profile, they may reward your popular posting with free access benefits. That’s at least some incentive for people to take the time fill in the little details.

Free contact options include sending a “wink” or adding someone to your hot list. It is also free to reply to messages from paid members, which definitely makes it more appealing to upgrade. Again, premium subscribers who pay more money can make it possible for everyone to initiate contact with them. That includes free members. For some, it might be worth the extra cost.

Chat rooms on OutPersonals are free to everyone. Premium subscribers have the added benefit of being able to expand their fellow chatters’ profile details. They can also open their own private chat rooms. Any visitor who is feeling like showing off a bit can broadcast his webcam to the entire chat room. There’s instant messaging too.

You can read message boards and there are subscriber-submitted articles in the site magazine. Now, I know you may be looking for romance, but I should mention that some content I read was more passionate than romantic in nature. I guess it could make some lonely, cold nights a whole lot warmer.

“My network” is a place to keep track of online contacts, post bulletins and share photo albums. If a friend likes you he can add a testimonial to your profile naming your finer points – or meatier attributes. It’s a handy feature indeed.

What really makes this site appealing is its popularity. Out Personals is one of the top dating sites in its niche, so it’s well worth checking out.

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