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Backed by one of the most powerful internet companies, Yahoo Personals is trust by members the world over. This online dating service from Yahoo has over 10 million members registered with it and this number is only growing every day.

Like some of the other websites in its genre, Yahoo Personals aims at making the search for the perfect date as simple or as detailed as the member wants it to be. Take the sign up for example. If you are considering signing up on this website, you will not be asked for unnecessary and detailed information. Similarly when a member performs a search to find potential matches, there is an option of an advanced and basic search. The basic search is ideal for people who want do not really want to get into too much of a compatibility check. In addition there is also an option available for members to save their search options. This way a member does not have to waste time entering their search criteria over and over again.

Yahoo Personals has recently started matchmaking options between the Unites States and Canada as well. The service also had about 13 sites that are international to be able to service people from all over the world.


Yahoo Personals is a regional online dating website. Having said this, the site has about 13 other international sites like the one for the United States. This makes them a global online dating site with a regional constraint.


Yahoo Personals was begun with the intention of making it easier for people to find their soul mates where ever they are. This is exactly the same concept that is prevalent today. Almost all the members on Yahoo Personals are looking for their soul mate.


Yahoo Personals has a lot of the regular features that you will find in other dating websites. However there is a reason why this website is one of the few award winning ones. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • The Promise: Yahoo Personals guarantees its members that they will find their soul mate within 6 months or less. If this does not happen, members are entitled to a membership of an additional six months free of costs.
  • Global presence: Yahoo Personals has 13 different regions sites spanning the Americas, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Saves time: The Yahoo Personal search setting can be saved so that you can use the same settings the next time you log in
  • Easy to use and most importantly
  • Yahoo is a trusted name


The Yahoo Personals membership comes with a free membership period of 7 days for all those who sign up. While this has an option of unlimited option you will not be allowed to communicate with other members. Becoming a member on the website obviously gives you complete access. The monthly charge is $29.22, however if you sign up for 3 months and 6months, you get a discount of 31% and 46% respectively.

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