ProudSingles.Net Review

ProudSingles.Net Review

Exciting things are provided by the interactive environment in these times. These do not only mean information, education, entertainment or commerce. The interactive world also provides recreation and interesting ways of connecting people. Sites have been engineered and created to bring people from different background and all walks of life. Online dating sites are springing forth like mushroom in the interactive world.

These online dating sites or online personals sites have provided people with the chance to hook up with other people through innovative and creative ways. With the anonymity most sites offer in the beginning stages of the search, it will be easier for more people to break the ice and move forward to building deeper interaction and relationships. is one of the online dating sites for singles of all ethnicities, genders and sexual preferences longing to find their significant other or just a friendly interaction. They are in the business of bringing searcher together with a person who matches their needs and desires. The motivation is to guarantee that the needs are met and that they have fun interacting with the person they have been looking for. is a partnership between Neverblue Media and The partnership is supposed to provide high quality, safe and fun online dating scene for the searchers. takes and submits information to database. The regular questions concerning email address, zip code, age and gender are necessary for the registration to be processed. All details and information gathered by is utilized according to the services offered at

They also post and feature photographs for personal profiles which the members provided in print and online. These can be browsed by other members who are in search of their matches. Other ways of communication include emails, chat rooms, instant messages and message boards. records mostly gays and lesbian singles looking for friendship, partnership, chat mates or real and lasting relationships. This provide them the venue to connect with people who share the same sexual preferences which can be difficult in larger online personals site.

To gauge whether this site addresses your needs and preferences, more information is provided below about

REGIONS is available in the US and more.


The types of relationships which most of its members are looking for which the site provides willingly and innovatively are the following:

• Men seeking Woman
• Woman seeking Men
• Men seeking Men
• Woman seeking Woman

Most of the tallied recording of membership for reflects gays and lesbians who are looking for relationships which range from friendship, activity partnership to long and lasting commitments.


Some of the popular features include:

• Viewing and Communication Tools
• Chat
• Instant Messenger
• Mail
• Hot Lists
• Profile Information
• Who’s Online
• Who is instant messaging
• Keyword Search
• Save a Search
• Flirt by showing interest


Becoming a registered member for is free for as long as you like. There are paid features though which needs upgrade of membership. If you choose to upgrade your membership for a fee, they require your name, credit card information and billing address in order to proceed with the processing.


As of the moment this review is being written, the site of is unavailable. There will be instances when you will be referred to another popular site which is known as

However, there are agents on standby for ready to conduct live chat for your queries.

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