Qiran Review

Qiran Review

Qiran is a site that specializes in dating for Muslims. If you’re just out for fun, this probably won’t be the site for you. It seems to be very seriously geared toward helping Muslim singles find matrimonial material. I’ll point out right away that although it works out to be rather inexpensive on a monthly basis, you can only signup for a minimum of 90 days. Let’s discuss other features of the site that make it interesting.

The profile quality on this site is high, in part due to the fact that most questions asked of you at signup are mandatory. Most of the fields that you’re required to fill out are standard on any dating site but there are a couple of options – such as “profile added by” to which you can reply yourself, various family members or a friend, while under the “family values” category you can choose from conservative to ultra liberal – that let you know that is respectful of the differences within its targeted cultural audience.

“What sets Qiran apart from much of the competition is the success it seems to have maintained in attracting visitors to its pages.”

The search options meet the general norms when it comes to dating sites. You can hone your search criteria by selecting from the rather extensive set of questions to answer when you sign up for the site. What’s disappointing, though, is that you can’t search by distance from your location even though Qiran asks you for your zip/postal code. You can only search by country and state so trying to pinpoint the members in your immediate area can be hard.

The site offers a decent amount of free access. You can view full profile details, show signs of interest, and receive and respond to emails from paid members. If you upgrade you can initiate emails, use instant messaging, send e-cards or sings to other members and use the matchmaker feature. There are no message boards on the site, which slightly diminishes the feeling of community.

What sets Qiran apart from much of the competition is the success it seems to have maintained in attracting visitors to its pages. It has seen a minor drop in visitors but continues to do very well at drawing interest to its web personals services. There’s no denying that when push comes to shove, a site’s popularity is probably the single most important factor in an individual user’s likelihood of finding a match.

Qiran is a slick site that seems to be committed to dutifully serving Muslim singles. It’s fast and affordable but still needs some work in key areas, such as search features. If you’re single and looking for a serious connection, you’ll be happy with what this site has to offer.

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